The psychological operation behind Julian Assange – the guy who fooled many (11)

Additionally, 2013 was also the year that saw Edward Snowden rising to fame. Before traveling to Russia, he met with a number of people after departing the US in May, including Glenn Greenwald, in Hong Kong, where he gave him the first of more than a million NSA and Department of Defense data. However, he wasn’t alone in doing this.

In 2015 Assange admitted on an interview with Democracy Now that Wikileaks got Snowden out of Hong Kong and into Russia, claiming the plan was to get him to Latin America. He was escorted by Wikileaks investigative editor, Sarah Harrison. Assange also says he “advised Edward Snowden he would be safest in Russia.” Snowden however “didn’t want to be accused of being some kind of spy.”

Wikileaks was also quite open about its involvement at the time. And this tweet is still on Wikileaks account:

In a 2014 Democracy Now interview, Sarah Harrison revealed that she had spent 39 days with Snowden in the Moscow airport and then spent an additional three months in Moscow.

While live on Democracy Now broadcast, the presenter told Sarah “You’re living in Berlin, Germany now.” Berlin? Germany? Isn’t this the place where the KGB-linked Chaos Computer Club is based? Please note that Snowden was also at the Chaos Computer Club Conference in 2016! Guess who supports Snowden? Andy Muller-Maghun, whom we have seen is also a long-time member of the Chaos Computer Club, former board member and spokesperson.

He also worked at The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald, which helps to explain why Greenwald was one of the select few who traveled to Hong Kong in order to access the Snowden revelations.

So, we can conclude that Wikileaks helped Snowden, advised by Assange, escaped to Russia, supported by Muller-Maguhn of the KGB-linked Chaos Computer Club and was a guest at their conference where he [Snowden] received a standing ovation.

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