The agenda we’re living through is to go into complete sustainability for reduced consumption of all things that are conducive to keeping folks alive

The top intelligence leaders, who call them leaders, or, they’re almost like CEOs of companies really, that’s essentially what they are, in the US and Britain and other countries, all came out, Israel too, they all came out at 9/11 and they said, it’s impossible, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO PULL OFF WHAT HAPPENED ON 9/11 WITHOUT LEAVING AN INCREDIBLE ELECTRONIC TRAIL through chat and all the rest of it, all the techniques they’re used to.  EVERYTHING is monitored. It has been monitored completely, even before they signed the deal in 1995 to monitor the Americas, everybody in the Americas is completely monitored by backdoors into their phones. That meant even landline phones and everything else, and fax machines and photocopy machines.  EVERYTHING was equipped with backdoors into them, etc.  But they all said, all these leaders said, NO, THEY COULDN’T HAVE PLANNED ALL THIS, CHATTED AMONGST THEMSELVES AND GOT AWAY, WITHOUT EVERY INTELLIGENCE AGENCY AT THE TOP REALLY KNOWING ALL ABOUT IT, IT CANNOT BE DONE. It isn’t just the chat that they get.  It’s indications of movements of certain things. By movements, if even five people come together from another country and then they start training to be pilots in your country, you know, and then those same pilots end up taking off the same day, that stuff is all monitored. You wouldn’t believe how incredibly well monitored we all are.

So, as I say, that’s what happened then. Well, it’s the same thing with Covid and everything else. Everything is so incredibly, it’s even better monitored now, which is part of the whole idea. They couldn’t bring the whole, the WHOLE, 100% surveillance on society even with the Patriot Act, etc. that gave the permission of all agencies to spy upon patriotic Americans. [Alan chuckles.] Guess why they called it the Patriot Act, right.  But now here’s the second half of it as I’ve said so many times before, this is the full way now.  So now it’s not just terrorism, it’s oh, you could be a potential spreader so therefore you’ll be classed as a terrorist, you know.  You might spread something, as they inject people with an experimental, it’s not really a vaccine, it’s definitely a biochemical agent, a biochemical agent basically designed to alter the people who get it, at least their genetic makeup in certain areas and so on.

So yeah, believe you me, you can’t make history just…  This is not the 19th or the 18th century where you could mount an attack on, say, a country with a few ships, sail into a harbor and blow up a whole bunch of the enemy ships resting at the harbor and get away with it.  Do it in the middle of the night and you just, away you go. No, today everything is so surveilled, everything.  And the equipment is fantastic, not just the satellites too, the arrays of failsafe systems to monitor, if something sneaks through another system grabs it and so on. It’s just pretty well perfect.  Hm? 

We’re living through an agenda and the agenda is to go into complete sustainability. They said it in the climate meeting in 2019, when no one was listening to them, everybody had lost interest in their nonsense, and that’s how folk were describing it, oh that’s just nonsense again, and they lost interest. But everything, they had pinned everything, their whole agenda for implementing laws for reduced consumption, for the elimination of energy sources, that’s gas, oil, everything, because all these things are conducive to keeping folk alive.  And when folk are alive and healthy and they got work and all that they tend to hitch up and get married and have children, ‘eh.  You can’t have that!  That’s the enemy, you see, is this breeding idea, you see, all you folk breeding willy-nilly, they say.  They even mentioned at the meeting quite a few times, and then the final one again in 2019, that they recycled the idea of getting permits to decide who should get married, who would be allowed to get married and have children. You’d better take these things seriously!  And you didn’t, you see. So, they said, WE’D HAVE TO DO SOMETHING MORE DRASTIC BECAUSE PEOPLE WEREN’T LISTENING. So bingo!  Covid comes out before the end of that year, ‘eh!  Coincidence again.

You don’t get these coincidences.  You really don’t. It probably took I would say quite a few years to plan, absolutely definitely plan, and not just practice the tabletop exercises starting with 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Johns Hopkins, all the way up to Clade X and Event 201 and so on. That took years to plan it. But years also it took to find out how, get the structure ready for it, all the structure to manage it. That means also professionals, batteries, and batteries of professionals in every country.  And I’m talking about professional psychologists and behaviorists, manipulators of the people’s minds, who also generally work with psych units for military Department of Defense.   They do use the color revolutions. They put out the false information that gets everybody fighting with everybody else and spying on each other in different countries in color revolutions.  You watched it happen here recently.

But also, it’s the same units that deal with making up all the propaganda to do with Covid and how it could spread, how it terrified the public. Terror is what they DO.  That’s what most of these units are for, creating terror in other nations. They’re getting use, these professionals are getting used to create terror within your country.  You’re paying for it all. And you still will go and vote, and you’ll still say you’re free.  It’s just amazing. It really is amazing that folk can’t catch on to this and get fed up with it at the very least.  And they’ll keep voting again, you know. They really will. You can’t help most people. Because their indoctrination has been so perfect, really. And there is such a thing as perfect indoctrination.  And it does work with most people.

[Alan Watt Cutting through the Matrix, January 31, 2021]

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