The 13 Ruling Families – the Collins family (6)

“The Collins family hasn’t received much attention. Who do you think of when you think of the Collins? Joan Collins? She was a beautiful, Jewish Hollywood actress from England. Joan’s grandmother lived at Brighton, England (Joan mentions her father being a Jew on pg. 13 of her autobiography ‘Joan Collins Past Imperfect). Her father Joe Collins and his friend Lord Lew Grade had an acting company. Joe Collin’s father Will Collins and his wife, a can-can dancer Henrietta Collins were also into acting. In the 1970s she was in several horror movies and picked up the title ‘Queen of the Horror Films’ (p. 271).

In 1977 and 1978 Joan was nude in two sexy films (not her first ) which were expected to do better at the box office than they deid, neither of the titles of these films bear repeating. One was based on a sexy book Joan’s sister wrote that was a best-seller in England. Joan was the first ‘old’ woman to be in the buff in Playboy (the Dec ’83 Playboy). The issue is a collector’s item. In her 40s, she was still posing in the buff. Which according to her autobiography she feels comfortable doing. (I wonder if being exceptionally beautiful and a sex idol for millions makes it easier to pose nude). For those who watch Dynasty, you’ll likely remember her. For those who watched Hansel and Gretel, Joan was the witch. She was the woman in the film ‘The Devil within Her.’

In December 1982 Joan was asked to be the mistress of ceremonies at Prince Albert Hall before the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Phillips. Besides knowing that she is into astrology, after looking at her autobiography, I don’t pick up a hint of any religiousness. Besides her amazing beauty, her lack of morals made her a perfect fit for Hollywood. Among her many friends, she had Sammy Davis, Jr. (p. 332) and Jayne Mansfield as friends or acquaintances, both of whom are publicly known to be Satanists. She rubbed shoulders with Henry Kissinger (p. 345 of Autobio.). Joan Collins vacationed in the winter at St. Moritz, which is an exclusive ski resort of the international set where Joan rubbed shoulders with Niarchos and Aristotle Onassis. (These are Kings within the Illuminati). Joan Collins spent time with Edgar Bronfman. The Bronfman family are the Jewish Illuminati family that runs Canada (p. 281-282). Joan Collins may not be part of the Illuminati Collins family, but if she isn’t she has at least associated with some of the top Illuminati. Joan was married several times but obviously preferred her maiden name.”

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