Nightmare Loading: Dr Fearne of the U-turns

It is not only Robert Abela the Prime Minister who does U-turns. Now we have Fearne, the father and salesman of deadly vaccines.

He is now leaving the door open to EU commissioner nomination and it is up to Robert Abela to decide.

TOM reported that “Chris Fearne has left the door open to becoming an EU Commission nominee again, saying the decision is ‘up to the prime minister.’

“Fearne resigned as deputy prime minister and withdrew his nomination as Malta’s next EU commissioner last May after prosecutors filed fraud charges against him over a deal to privatise three state hospitals.”

If Fearne thought he was innocent, then he should have never resigned. So he should stop playing the role of the victim. But something stinks in all this, and this site will keep to the original position it took that behind his resignation, there was or were ulterior motive/s, as the sly fox that Fearne is.

Definitely, his unbridled thirst for power is pinching hard, while he, as the poxt that he is, has come out playing the victim. Something stinks in all this and something is fishy.

“When asked if he felt betrayed by Joseph Muscat’s government, Fearne said, ‘This €6 million frame-up, if anything, shows that as a minister I always did my job without fear or favour towards anyone,’ he said while thanking all those who expressed solidarity with him.” Again he is the victim and plays the hero and it’s always everybody’s fault. When he was in government, he should have asked for investigations [definitely not from the Auditor General from which he knew, perhaps, that he would be exonerated]. He should have gone to the police or stood his grounds and refuse to stand by this corrupt deal. Was he such a coward to be afraid of losing his position that he chose power and corruption over transparency? He never challenged the contracts which definitely means that he does not give a hoot about the country and the nation but is more concerned about safeguarding his arse and the powerful positions he is after.

Instead he rebranded it as the real deal and kept on pumping millions into it. And yet, he’s a victim, miskin.

And yet saintly Fearne was part of the government which has created a culture of impunity for the Big Fish.

And yet saintly Fearne voted against a no confidence motion in Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

And yet saintly Fearne insisted that the hospitals’ fraud is the real deal.

And yet saintly Fearne voted against a public inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia.

And yet saintly Fearne was involved in various corrupt bureaucratic deals, giving a lot of cushy jobs with exuberant salaries to anyone close to him. He put, for example, Carmen Ciantar’s daughter on a board deciding which patients were to be allowed treatment abroad although she had graduated as a dentist only two years prior to this nomination.

And yet saintly Fearne plays the victim when he should admit that he has been dancing with the devil for a long time and he is as bad as the rest of the bloody politicians, and worse than some.

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