It is an awful corrupt system in awful corrupt times while we are reading a managed script

We live in an awfully corrupt system. And awfully corrupt times. Because it has no grounding anymore, and some would say, indoctrination on right and wrong. We used to have right and wrong, and everybody knew what basic right and wrong was. We knew it. You don’t need a holy book to tell you.  You really don’t. Unless you’re psychopathic.  We all know when we are doing wrong, you know. We might do it anyway, but we know.

So, it’s rather sad that we’re living in a system that doesn’t even have at least the grounding of the old moral principles of some of the older religions.  Hm?  And I’m sure, oh my, I don’t want to hear that, oh no, no.  Because they’ve all been trained to HATE the religions, absolutely hate them, despise them.  Because even in areas of religion there’s groups at war with each other for dominance over the rest, and sometimes the dominant ones managed to indoctrinate you in school to hate the religion they want to remove, so’s that they themselves can move in. That’s how devious the world really is.  Most people just see the superficial conflicts, you don’t realize what’s behind things. They really don’t. They really never fathom out that there’s different reasons and a lot more at stake than just lambasting some religion or another.

It’s all culture wars.  It’s to do with culture wars. If you’ve got a dominant culture and the public, never mind the dominant minority, but the dominant culture, and you want to supplant it and take it over and dominate it, you’ve got to destroy it.  Again, it’s like getting back to color revolutions, you get all these same techniques used by your department of defenses in other countries across the world to destroy the cultures.  It’s very important.  Most of the wars upon the West have been internal and cultural wars. The folk hadn’t a clue. They were taught it was PROGRESS. 

Any enemy can teach you what progress is, because they’re awfully good with words, you know. There’s departments, ah, it’s boring really, to me it is anyway because I’ve read it so often and I’ve talked about it so often too. But you have whole departments that, they’re just like the ones in the movie industry where they go over a script and when they get the set in a room or something like that all set up, there’s nothing that isn’t debated that you’re going to see in that room, from a book on top of the piano or, and the title of the book, to what they’re wearing and…  EVERYTHING has to be exactly right for the psychological impact that stays with you and makes an impression on you.  Everything is closely debated and discussed with teams. And they’ve got to have continuity of the script. You can’t have the person, or a few of them, in a room, right, and someone shove somebody and a vase gets knocked over and smashes and in the next scene, as they’re all kind of making up and shaking hands, the vase is intact again.  You know, you can’t have that. So, you’ve got continuity. It must blend in with what you saw before. This is how it’s all done in the movie industry and television.

But that’s how it’s supposed to be done in real life too, you see.  They try to make sure that things FLOW and when they don’t flow properly, you get people asking questions.  Oh, wait a minute, I thought you said so and so?  That’s what you’ve got all over the map right now on this massive exercise of Covid where nothing is.  You even had the main perpetrators, I call it perpetrators, [Alan chuckles.] the wizards, the Covid wizards who said themselves, OH AMERICA SHOULDN’T REALLY WORRY ABOUT IT, last, you know, a year ago.  And these are the heads, the heads now.  And DON’T WEAR A MASK, they told you. Then he says, WEAR A MASK. Then they mandate YOU MUST WEAR A MASK. You understand?  And YOU MUST LOCKDOWN and lose all your jobs forever.  Hm?  From the same mouths.  What kind of science is this when the facts change so fluidly, ‘eh?  It’s not science. Of course it isn’t.

That’s what you have, they don’t have continuity of script, you see.  Now they’re trying to get them all on board with the same stories, across the planet. They’re pretty well verbatim from one country to the next, the examples they’re giving you. Probably made up but it makes no difference as long as you get the same script. Because most folk don’t know they’re reading a script, a managed script. Every time you’ve got death rates, really, immediately following vaccinations, immediately, in the newspapers they’ll say, they’ll get handouts, and these characters are quite happy to print the handouts from the WHO or CDC and so on, and they’ll say THEY DON’T BELIEVE IT’S ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE VACCINATION.  Hm?

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, January 2021]

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