Dr Mark Hyman gives alternatives to cow dairy

“Also, if you’re going to eat dairy, what should you eat? Let’s talk about it. Grass-fed is really important and the reason is because one, it doesn’t have the antibiotics, the hormones and it has higher levels of phytochemicals, better fatty acid composition, more antioxidants. So, you know, it’s not only what you eat that matters but it’s what you’re eating of what they have eaten – it’s how’s great is that on the natural diet of grass they produce, milk and meat with better fat composition and nutrients than those fed corn and grain and soy.

So, if you’re going to consume butter and dairy products, remember that grass-fed is important or regenerative even better. Organic dairy is somewhere in the middle because organic could be not grass-fed. They could just feed it organic corn or organic soy and also they might have had some pasture in their diet but basically most of their diet comes from organic, grains and feed that are, you know, better, because they are free from pesticides or besides, antibiotics, has more Omega better 6 to 3 ratio, but it’s still not great because they can actually milk organic cows while they’re pregnant which adds way more hormones and all the natural hormones that are in milk.

There’s you know, things you can actually use like Probiotic Rich Dairy, Kefir yogurt. They’re actually better in terms of tolerance and digestion. Also you can use ghee which basically takes all the milk solids, all the casein all the way, and it can be used by people who are even allergic to dairy. So organic, grass-fed ghee is great. It’s basically like the Indian form of butter and has lots of nutrients, higher smoke point and it’s great for high heat cooking.”

You can watch here.

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