Do your own research, stand up and say ‘We’ve had enough!’ (1)

Everything is controlled by the Big Boys – mainstream media, alternative media, culture, films, music, colleges, religion, institutions – you name it, and it’s given to you by design.

I wish all the best for those of you who listen to show after show from all around the world and the conspiracy theories. Because the things you might think about are actually happening, but you will never be able to reflect on them.

The governments support the stations and businesses that profit from spreading conspiracy theories as counterintelligence, where you just repeat the well-known facts from the books published by the major players—people like Maurice Strong and Zbigniew Brzezinski—that we are aware of and are presented to the public. They are the ones who have self-published works. Their releasing of their own material or speculating about what they are saying and planning is not in any way conspiratorial. They make their plans known to you. I remind you that it was at Chatham House on 17th November 2008 that Zbigniew Brzezinski the former national security advisor and president Obama’s handler said ‘It is easier to kill a million people, than to control them.’ Do you think he was just joking?

That means you don’t need to watch shows. Their out-of-body experiences with psychedelic drugs, ghosts, UFOs, reptilians, shapeshifters, and the like are what they require the money from. This is everything New Age which is actually Old Age stuff.

And to the Christians like myself, I say one thing: sitting there not doing anything thinking that this is fate because the Book of Revelation says it, won’t take you anywhere either. The satanic and evil plan which the Bible warns us of should alert us more to what is happening and act because this is not God’s plan. What we are going through is pure evil. And God warned us in the Book of Revelation to act and wake up but we don’t take anything seriously nowadays. Also, never forget that there is a particular Bible which was put out and was mandatory to colleges which is the King James Version, which is Masonic. Choose wisely.

Then we have to deal with the other side – the New Agers that bring in the Reptilians, the Shapeshifters, the UFOs and aliens and abductions and any other of this silly stuff. UFOs became popular since the American government started testing stuff way back in the 40s and 50s. And millions believe these fantasies and follow these New Age Pied Pipers wearing a blindfold. Go on X and check for David Icke’s account. Millions follow this guy. You have Elena Danaan too, a New Ager whom this site will publish about in a future piece. All these people make a lot of money off these free-enterprise fantasies making many followers believe they are true. Good luck to you if you want to continue believing in such fantasies. But once you start going deep into the research, it is about sticking to the hard facts – that what is happening and what we are going through and we know of, can actually be proven. So just read their books and do the research. Don’t even take my word. Just do your own research.

You will face criticism and you will be attacked for being informed about these topics. Many others also find it difficult to accept the terrible news. That’s why they try to excite you with all of this disorganized information (UFOs, aliens, abductions, Big Foot, out-of-body experiences, psychedelic drugs, end time prophecy) that is all painted with the same hue. This is all counter-intelligence you see which is very dangerous. Stop saying this is fate and that there is nothing that you can do about it, because this is what counter-intelligence does, it disarms you completely from doing anything positive and standing up and saying ‘Enough! We have had enough!’

To all those who can take the bad news and are truly annoyed by what is going on and what is happening to their lives and what will happen to their children’s lives, because of governments, organizations and those above them pulling the strings, must stand up and say ‘Enough! We have had enough!’

Counter-intelligence is defined as the ability to distinguish between people whose minds are clouded by the same bizarre fancies and make it impossible to discern the truth. Did people who stay in caves doing meditation bring about any change in this world? Do people who tell you ‘Stay happy and be positive’ bring about any change or done anything to take this world out of all this? If they find Big Foot tomorrow, they might sing a song to you but will it make a difference as to what is happening in our lives? I see people arguing on whether giants truly existed or not. Will this make a difference and bring a change to what is happening today? Stay grounded and focus.

And then you get those few, the truly few ones, who are giving the truth out there to the public and get mixed with conspiracy theorists which at the end of the day is a term which was given out by governments. The battle has always been for those who could emerge out of the mass and become true individuals.

X (Formerly Twitter)