If you think it’s bad now, wait until this year is out [2021].  Because you’re going to start, they’re already talking about scarcities of different things coming.  It’s designed to go this way. I used to give talks on, what do you think they mean when they say they’re going to bring you into austerity?  What do you think austerity means? Oh, that will never happen.  [Alan chuckles.]  Really?  Well, welcome to austerity, folks. 

I think it was GM mentioned recently too that they’re not going to produce anymore gasoline vehicles.  Maybe even before 2035, but 2035 there will be NO GASOLINE VEHICLES they said. So, it’s some higher authority again, the deep state, which is across the planet, folks. This cabal that runs the world has decided that, yeah, you won’t be, again, agenda for the 21st century says that, EVENTUALLY THERE WILL BE NO PRIVATE VEHICLES ALLOWED. They’ll give you electric cars as an interim before that falls apart too because of the cost and so on. The intention is to get you from traveling, and to limit travel. All totalitarian regimes do that.  That’s also part of the reason for the so-called Covid passports and so on. It’s really ways of getting you ready to stay in your communitarian area. I gave these talks 20 years ago.

The WHO talked about these things, that IF PANDEMICS BROKE OUT AND FOR FUTURE SAFETY OF THE WORLD THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR COMMUNITIES, and communitarian they said, you know, communities, YOU’RE PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY, AND YOU GET A COMMUNITARIAN SPIRIT.  You’d have public transportation, maybe. Canada has already put a stack of cash in, they’ve been talking about it for years, on public transport to rural areas and so on.  Well they haven’t done anything until now. All the big grants are there, they’re expanding the railroad system too. Mainly for freight too. Because all the big tractor-trailers eventually they want off the roads. You won’t have to deliver to rural areas because there won’t be any eventually. Nonessential. No nonessential personnel living in the countryside.  You’ll have your big new dachas for the elite civil servant class, you know, just like they had in the old Soviet Union.  That will be it. They’ll go there for their holidays and for rest and relaxation.  Yep.  It’s all been planned out long ago.

You’re living through an agenda. I always tell people, don’t be misled by whatever name they give to an agenda, when it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s generally a duck, you know, that’s how you go by reality. Not by that technique, the simple technique of giving you the fake names and different names.  Oh, we’re not communist, we’re communitarian.  M-hm.  [Alan chuckles.]  Collectivism, ‘eh. 

People really DO expect to be told by the authorities everything.  Like Brzezinski said, SHORTLY THE PUBLIC WILL BE UNABLE TO REASON FOR THEMSELVES, THEY’LL EXPECT THE MEDIA, because you see they’ve been trained to think it’s authoritative you see, not a private business, WILL EXPECT THE MEDIA TO DO THEIR REASONING FOR THEM. Not just their thinking but their reasoning for them.  That’s happened. Very effectively.

Like they said with the group at Oxford initially, Neil Ferguson in England, the guy who runs the world by computer models and things, all imaginary stuff, you know, science fiction really.  He says, WE’RE SO, WE WERE JUST AMAZED, WE DIDN’T THINK WE COULD USE THE SAME CHINA SYSTEM OF AUTHORITARIAN RULE ON THE PUBLIC OF THE WEST AND IN BRITAIN, AND THEY WERE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED AT HOW FAST THE PEOPLE JUST BUCKLED UNDER AND OBEYED THEM.   [Alan laughing.]   Wow.  There ya go.  And they celebrated that fact, these folk.  So, that’s your reality.  Your reality is given to you.  And it is really, has been your whole life long. Folk will fight you and they say, no, I make my own decisions for myself, I decide.  I humor them, okay, okay, you know.  M-hm. 

It’s like that old joke about the guy from the US goes over to Tibet, ‘eh, because he hears there’s a wise man over there, a real top guru.  He goes over there, and he meets the old man on the mountain.  The old man is sitting there with a beard down to his knees just staring out there.  He says, master, master, I’ve come all this way to study under you, and I throw myself on my hands and feet and on my face in front of you if you’ll just take me on as a student and so on. The old guy contemplates him, and he says, it won’t be easy son, you know, you have to deprive yourself of so much that a young man desires.  He said, don’t worry master I’ll… I’m going to negate everything and just follow the way, you see. So sure enough he’s told to go up the mountain there and stay there for two years straight just thinking and staring at a rock. He does that.  He almost freezes to death when the snow comes, and oh, he’s like a skeleton. He comes back down again, and he says, master, master I’ve done it all.  The master says, did you have visions? He said, yeah, I had visions, yeah, I did. Because you hallucinate when you’re starving.  He says, go back up again and do it. 

So after about the third time up the mountain he comes back down again, and he’s confident this time.  He says, master, I found, I found the answer to everything.  The old man says, you have, hey?  He says, yes master, I found, I’ve come to the conclusion, I’ve realized you were right all along, I had to stay on my own and contemplats and meditate, and it came to me.  He says to the master, but master, tell me, just to verify it, he says, what is the meaning, the whole meaning of life and everything?  The master says, go through life, cause no harm, he says, never argue with anybody, and keep the peace. The young guy blows up, that’s not the answer, he says, the answer is the river.  The old man says, you’re right my son, you’re right. 

That’s how it really is, isn’t it, for most people.  When you think you’ve got the answer on something, no matter how you’ve been led to it, and you won’t often know, or even realize most the time you’ve been led to your answer.  You’ve been definitely led to your conclusions by the media. And by everything you watch on television. EVERYTHING on television.  Even your culture and what you dress like growing up as a teenager and so on.  The dances you danced, the songs you sung. Thinking they were yours and they weren’t.  All laid out for you, run by people way above politicians, batteries of them, planning, implementing the future. Watching it, doing studies to see how well it’s working, how to tweak it to make it work even better with the next generation and so on.  Do you think that when the Communists talked about dividing and conquering, especially with the generations, they would separate everything from everything else, starting with the generations, that it just happened themselves, the youth suddenly became rebellious? Do you think that just happened just coincidentally?  [Alan chuckles.]   

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2021]

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