A very good observation by Alan Watt which fits exactly the Labour Government and Dr Fearne

Now, I don’t care what kind of government you would have, not that you could change it, because you DO have a dominant minority, hm.  But supposing and just wishful thinking here, that you could change it really, like the anarchist thing, they can just change something by blowing things up and destroying.  And one, as I mentioned before, it’s in a book now, of a woman in another country who was raised as an anarchist really, she came to the same conclusion.  She became very unpopular amongst her own group because she mentioned, ALL WE’RE TAUGHT TO DO AND ALWAYS THINK OF JUST BLOWING THINGS UP AND DESTROYING, WE NEVER GIVE A THOUGHT ABOUT REBUILDING ANYTHING.  And that’s the truth of it.

Personally I think it wouldn’t matter, as humans are humans, whoever takes over and rebuilds it and gives you, I don’t care how well-intentioned they are and honest they are at the start, in no time at all, before a generation is out they’re corrupt again, they’re getting their own children into positions of power and good paying jobs for life, over the public. And the next generation, their noses are up in the air and they’re ordering you around instead of serving you.  That’s human nature. It’s rather sad, you know.  Rather sad.

But the folk never catch on to it. They always think let’s just keep voting these…  Why would you vote in lying psychopaths time and time again? Who again are just actors, they’re just actors, folks. They are. They can’t run anything to save themselves. The bureaucrats, the lifelong bureaucrats, their whole life is in employment in certain branches of government civil service, they know what their departments do. When politicians are appointed over them as ministers of this and ministers of that, they rely upon the ones who know what they’re talking about, to draft up their speeches and so on because they haven’t got a clue how it runs. How would some petty politician suddenly get put in charge of the Department of Health or something? They haven’t got a clue.  They’re just fronts, you know.

They are psychopathic. The danger with psychopaths really, is that they have no real conscience. They really don’t. They feel anxiety when they themselves are threatened in some way or another, and their cushy existence. But they have no problem serving Masters that will demand horrific things be done to the public. They have no problem with that at all. I don’t care what country it is, by the way. That’s what psychopaths do. Psychopaths have been well studied, and regimes have been well studied. The psychopaths that run totalitarian regimes worship the rank above themselves, WORSHIP them, and they’re brutal to the ones just beneath them. This is, it’s like being kicked down the steps, someone kicks you that’s higher than you, then you kick the one below you.  That’s the psychopath that runs bureaucracy and in governmental positions.

All their speeches are written for them.  You never really know what they’re really like except through body language and their expressions and so on. But their speeches are written for them, and they do what they’re told.  And get well-paid for it. Why do you think they’re so well-paid? For doing nothing, hm?  Why do you think that?  Why do you think in the US they allow them in the Congress to use the tips they get, oh the government is going to invest so much in this country over there in this particular area, or water developments or some kind of industry, and said… Meaning, the taxpayers in the US are going to fund it into existence like public/private enterprise, the public pays for it through their tax money and the corporations end up with the profits, you know, they end up owning it. So, THEY GET THE INSIDER TRADING DEALS AND THEY’RE ALLOWED TO DO IT in the US. I remember when they changed it when I think it was Bush that was in, or Obama, I can’t remember. But they actually changed it and allowed them to invest on the tips they got from insider trading.  Our government’s going to, we’re going to make sure, we all vote for it, mind you, that the government is going to back this little industry or this big industry enterprise in country so-and-so.  So, they pass it all, they push it forward, yeah, yeah, yeah, and then they have investments in it. It’s just incredible. It really is.

Because once any big government invests in anything at all, even if they start losing money, and even if it’s scrapped after five years because there’s so much corruption involved, they’ve made a fortune in five years. Because government keeps throwing money into black holes when there is massive corruption involved and they’re behind it.  Any other corporation had corruption in the first years would fall flat on its face. Government doesn’t want, will never admit it’s wrong so it just keeps plugging it, plugging the holes with more cash. 

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, January 31, 2021]


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