A 2007 parliamentary question to the Commission about aircrafts and chemtrails

Here is another parliamentary question about aircrafts and chemtrails. This question was put forth in 2007 and this serves to show you that people have been noticing these aircrafts and chemtrails they leave behind for years now. But you won’t hear anything about this in the mainstream media, don’t you? And if they do report, they will dismiss them as conspiracy theories, instead of doing some investigative research.

The parliamentary question (E-2455/07) was posed to the commission by Erik Meijer titled “Growing attention to aircraft traces that no longer contain only water, but may cause long-lasting milky veils due to barium, aluminum and iron.”

It reads:

1. Is the Commission aware that since 1999 citizens in the USA and Canada have been complaining about the increasing number of aircraft trails in the air of a new type which sometimes remain suspended in the air for hours and spread out much more widely, creating milky veils known in those countries as ‘aerial obscuration’, and that this new type is particularly noticeable in that it differs greatly from the short, brush-thin white lines in the air which have been known since the advent of jet engines as ‘contrails’, which remain visible for a maximum of 20 minutes and can only be created when water vapour condenses on dust particles as a result of low temperatures and high humidity?

2. Is the Commission aware that investigations by the complainants mentioned above, observations by pilots and communications from government authorities increasingly suggest that this case involves the release of small particles consisting of barium, aluminium and iron into the dry air by the aircraft, which are now referred to in the American debate as ‘chemtrails’?

3. Given that chemtrails, unlike contrails, are not an inevitable by-product of modern air travel, does the Commission know what the aim of artificially spreading these terrestrial substances in the Earth’s atmosphere is? Does this have any positive effects on the production of rain, on telecommunications or on combating global warming?

4. To what extent are “aerial obscuration” and “chemtrails” now being used in the airspace over Europe, since many people here are now noticing their increasing occurrence and are worried because little is known about this phenomenon and the population is not informed? Who is taking the initiative to spray these particles and how is this being financed?

5. In addition to the intended positive effects of releasing substances into the air, is the Commission aware of any possible negative effects on the environment, public health, air traffic or television reception?

6. How is it prevented that individual European states or companies take unilateral measures whose cross-border consequences may be judged to be detrimental by other states or civil society organisations? Is such coordination already taking place? Does the EU play a role in this or does the Commission expect it to play a role in the future, and what are its objectives in doing so?

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