Dr. Fearne & his cabal should tell us why the VGH shareholders were protected. Another reason why the inquiry is already prejudiced.

Chris Fearne’s stooge Mark Camilleri wants us to believe that the fact that Chris Fearne himself had asked for an investigation from the Auditor General in 2016, an investigation that took bloody seven years and that exonerated him from any accusations, is honourable, and the fact that Fearne resigned, makes it more honourable.

And of course, Fearne himself also came forth proudly, boasting of how honourable his actions are—that of asking for the inquiry along with his resignation. His arrogance is insufferable.

And yet, Chris Fearne has not yet told us why he did not even bother to find out who the actual shareholders behind the VGH were, or maybe he knew who they were, perhaps, but he wanted to protect them. Or maybe he also has some shares, here and there, and so he was protecting others who were in turn protecting him while he protected himself.

Considering that behind the VGH deal there is a network of freemasonry, Chris Fearne must tell us why he protected and is protecting freemasons.

Instead of boasting about the investigations he asked from the Auditor General, Chris Fearne must help us understand how an investigation that he asked for in 2016 saw, a year later, in 2017, Technoline being bought by Vassallo’s Gateway and passed onto Vitals GLOBAL Healthcare through a series of companies used as fronts for money laundering. Didn’t he grow suspicious? And yet, this investigation exonerated him.

Instead of boasting about the investigations he asked from the Auditor General, Chris Fearne must help us understand why he protected his corrupt colleagues, and this should not be undermined.

It would have been more to his benefit had he been exonerated from an FIAU investigation, which at the end of the day, is the government agency responsible for the collection, collation, processing, analysis, and dissemination of information in the fight against money-laundering and terrorism funding. It is constituted under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act in Maltese law, and is responsible, too, for monitoring compliance under anti-money-laundering laws. It is empowered under Maltese law, European Union law, and international treaties to ask for information from banks and state authorities in foreign jurisdictions and to receive it.

We should definitely ask how the VGH deal was yet another shady deal in which millions were being laundered and how, the FIAU did not closely investigate this deal, especially since yet again we have the former OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri and Energy and Health Minister Konrad Mizzi involved, two who were already investigated closely, together with other associates for their secret offshore dealings in the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Panama, and bank accounts in other jurisdictions, by Manfred Galdes, who for several years led the FIAU, only to resign in 2016 and to be replaced by the dishonourable Peter Grech.

An investigation done by the Auditor General is not equivalent to one done by the FIAU.

But having the former Health Minister defend it as The Real Deal should not come as a surprise. After all, we are speaking about hospitals, procurement of medical equipment, and money-laundering. This is nothing new in the mafia medical system. I am sure that you will not be impressed to know that there are various people involved in politics who cashed millions worth of shares from pharmaceutical companies, including from the Covid-19 vaccines. Please read here, here and here. Maybe Fearne has some shares, too, you know. Last time I happened to be having a very interesting conversation with a medical lab biologist who used to work at Mater Dei who gave me some food for thought: ‘I would not be surprised if Chris Fearne and Italian politician Andrea Marcucci own a pharmaceutical company or have done business together or hold some shares in pharmaceuticals.’ Andrea Marcucci was very close to former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi, who had endorsed Dr Joseph Muscat back in 2017, pre-election.

But the most important thing for Chris Fearne is that he was exonerated, while he always pompously called it The Real Deal.

And so, I keep on reiterating that the VGH magisterial inquiry is already prejudiced, and Fearne is not the only reason for this.

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