Bishop Mar Mari: Book of Revelation Chapter 13 & its relevance to our times – general reflections

The last blog was the end of part one. The continuation of the explanation of Chapter 13 will continue in another speech, and hence in another series. What follows now are general reflections from the bishop.

“You see, with all love and respect, some people, when in Revelation 17, talks about there were seven mountains, and on these seven mountains this woman is sitting and this woman is the great Babylon, the great harlot, the great Babylon, and it’s sitting on the seven heads, and then it’s talking blasphemous things, some people gave this interpretation about Rome.

And they said the seven mountains are the seven hills where Rome is built on. And, they said that one who is sitting on the seven mountains is the Pope of Rome but I’m sorry to say this to you, it is incorrect. Because one of the heads is the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is not the whole seven heads. One of the heads, the sixth head, is the Roman Empire.

One of the church father said this, ‘Not every thought can be said, and not every thing said can be written.’ There are things I may not be able to tell you, unless the Lord permits it. So the seven heads or the seven mountains in Revelation 17 is not Rome. The Roman Empire is one of the heads, not all of them. And we will see why it’s not what they claim it is to be.

One thing I will say, with absolute sadness, the Vatican City is infiltrated. So as the universal church is. It is very sad. Both east and west, Orthodoxy and Catholicism, are infiltrated but more so the western church, the Catholic, and precisely the Vatican City.

The intention behind these kind of talks is to shed light on what is happening in our time and age. It is not pointing the finger at no one. It is not judging, far from it, because God is the only judge. But it is shedding light for every one of us to realize what is happening in order to:

  1. truly come back and repent.
  2. and then pray from the heart, asking the Lord for forgiveness, for mercy, asking the Lord for enlightenment, and discernment to see where the Truth is and where the Lie is. To see where the Day is and where the Night is. To see which way to take and which way not to take.

It is an awakening call, it is not judging, or pointing a finger at any faction of Christendom. Far from it. Let me tell you this: if any pope or any church leader of the Apostolic worlds, Catholic and Orthodox, fails, all of us fail. So you should not be happy, or you should not be joyous, or you should all say ‘oh yes, finally, he has fallen.’ No. You should cry for yourself because all of us are in this boat, in this arc. If the boat goes down, let me tell you, the captain will drown, and the least of all those sailors will drown as well. So what you are boasting about? What are you happy about?

But you see, the Protestants always wait for something to happen in the Catholic Church. Let me redirect your attention. Look at the Orthodox church my dear friend and leave the Catholic Church alone.”

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