ADPD is another pro-globalist agenda political party

“Instead of investing in a more social and green Europe they are doing the opposite.” This was the statement of yet another pro-globalist agendas political party, ADPD – the GREEN party.

On Environment Day, the candidates for the European Parliament and Local Council elections on behalf of this GREEN party stressed the importance of a better quality of life so that we, the people, meet the environmental and social challenges. That is? This is much more of the same of the evil green agenda. Green is just a colour which was smeared on this evil agenda which is yet another lie in the totalitarian regime of the new governmental system of the new world order run to make you worship the earth while you are totally controlled.

ADPD should understand that the general rule of thumb that all of us should adopt is that if any problem is being presented to us as a global crisis, then it is a scam. And we do have that pattern of a fabrication of global crises through either the presentation of non-existent problems or small local problems that are being sold to the nations as being general global crises.

But ADPD is another sleepy party which is not only all out for this system, but which is up to its heels endorsing it and wanting more of it.

In a news conference at Saint Paul’s Bay, ADPD General Secretary and candidate Ralph Cassar said that instead of seeing how to strengthen investment to have a more social and green Europe, the Socialist and EPP groups are doing the opposite. Nope. They are doing exactly at the heels of the EU, doing its bidding of its green agendas – from electric cars, to renewables, to windfarms, to solar panels…you name it, you have it. And all of this is a scam and a lie because it has nothing to do with saving the planet and none of it is about ecology in any true sense of the word.

Cassar also endorsed the climate change lie and hoax: “the reality is that the biggest challenge we are facing is the social and environmental disruption that climate change is creating.”

Mina Jack Tolu, another ADPD candidate for the European Parliament, has jumped on the bandwagon, stating that “the right for activists and organizations that protest and work in favour of the environment and the most vulnerable in the world, whoever they are, should be defended.”

Well, it depends on what kind of activism. Being part of controlled opposition, most probably paid, when you have the globalists in control of both sides, so to push forth the agenda, is not activism. For example: having climate activists gluing themselves at Munich airport to protest pollution caused by flying is part of this activism. Having climate activists hurling soup at Mona Lisa painting in Paris’ Louvre is part of this activism. Having “how dare you” globalist puppet Greta Thunberg setting up shows in the name of the climate is part of this activism. Having Global Youth Climate Activists rally behind shared demands for UN climate negotiations is part of this activism. Having climate activists pouring black dye into the historic Trevi Fountain, in Rome is part of this activism.

The real climate activists are those who clean rivers from rubbish, for example, without doing it to be part of another show off, of course, or to camouflage their activism behind companies which do more harm to the environment than good. Local property agencies Quicklets and Zanzi camouflage themselves as environment activists, for example.

The ADPD should do some deep research, and understand that the EU is not the way forward, and that going GREEN in the terms and conditions of the EU and the globalists is not the way forward. Maybe ADPD want to have a look at what Dutch political activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek had to say about the climate change agenda.

Stating that everything that is being done under the pretext of fighting the non-existent “climate crisis”, Eva Vlaardingerbroek adds that the WEF’s plan to impose a personal carbon allowance connected to digital ID is connected to such “climate crisis” agenda. She added:

“The CEO of one of the largest Dutch banks said, if everyone gets individual personal carbon credits, why don’t we make it so that rich people, who for example want to go on holiday a little too often, can buy personal carbon credits from people who can’t afford buying plane tickets or eating meat too often? So what will happen is the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer, and they’re saying it openly as if it’s not a controversial thing at all. It’s neo-feudalism. That’s what it is.”

Dear GREEN ADPD, the Climate Scam which you are in favour of, is being used as an excuse to bring in a “personal carbon allowance”, which will severely restrict where you can travel, how you can travel, how much you can eat, and even what you can eat.

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