This year’s Eurovision was the epitome of vulgarity and perversion

This year’s Eurovision was not only a platform of Satanism and to push forth the LGBTIQA+ agenda, but with a lot of soft porn and other vulgarity and perversion on stage, it also turned itself into a platform of pedophilia.

Let us not forget that the agenda was gradually but surely doing the programming a few Eurovisions back when we had Conchita Wurst, the ‘woman’ with a beard, winning Eurovision. Please note that ‘conchita’ in slang means a hooker, while ‘wurst’ means sausage.

This year’s Eurovision was the epitome of vulgarity and perversion, with thongs, corsets, sheer bodysuits, bare bottoms, near full-frontal displays and steamy smooches.

Spain was the star of the vulgar performance, with male dancers in PVC thigh-high boots and thongs joining Nebulossa, who played Zorra. This made her provocative, corseted attire look almost modest. X’porkerija!

Then we had Raiven, of Slovenia, which left nothing to the imagination as she belted out her track Veronika. Notice the two headed serpent tattoo curing around a rod between her breasts, which should remind us of the WHO’s emblem, which was chosen by the First World Health Assembly in 1948 and consists of the United Nations symbol surmounted by a staff with a snake coiling around it! Women like these who sell their bodies in this way, are a shame for womanhood!

Her dancers were also designed to look totally naked for this vulgar show.

We also had Finland singer Windows95man going completely naked throughout his performance. X’porkerija!

The UK’s Olly Alexander joined in the trend of scantily-clad male dancers at this vulgar show, all of whom engaged in provocative dance moves and suggestive near-kisses. Olly Alexander also got up very close and personal with one of the dancers on the set, selling you homosexuality in the face.

Let us not forget the satanic and occult performance of Bambie Thug, a self-proclaimed non-binary and witch; and the upside-down cross that the winner Nemo Mettler wore, also non-binary, who was wearing a pink skirt. X’porkerija!

Where did the true men and women go? Where is the promotion of heterosexuality, and the traditional family, values, and morals, because God created us as men and women? Why didn’t we have anyone in politics and their minions protest that this was vulgarity and damage control being pushed down children’s, teenagers’ and young adults’ throats who might have been watching this show with their families?

This year’s Eurovision was the epitome of vulgarity and perversion, promoting satanism, the LGBTIQA+ agenda, and pedophilia. And by satanism, it doesn’t only mean worshipping ‘his majesty’ with two horns; it also means inverting anything that is righteous and natural and as created by God. When you understand that their god is half man, half woman, which is also depicted with the symbol of two serpents coiling around a rod, you should understand the agenda more clearly.

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