How both PN and PL joined forces to screw you when it comes to the pension

The PN and PL have long become two parties lying in the same bed.

A proof of this is how they ganged together back in 2018 when Maltese MPs made their twilight years extremely sweet, unlike yours, which is turning more and more sour by the minute.

Back then, a bill was “tabled in the House to amend laws in connection with upcoming pensions reforms, will allow MPs serving just one legislature to claim a parliamentary pension – instead of serving two five-year terms.

The bill, tabled by economy minister Chris Cardona, ensures a parliamentary pension for MPs who served for at least one legislature, and for Maltese members of the European Parliament to qualify for the same pension.

Unlike common citizens, MPs in Malta are guaranteed a full, uncapped two-thirds of pensionable emoluments. Under the new amendments, which Cardona said were drawn up in agreement with the Opposition, even MEPs will benefit.

Not all Maltese MEPs had signed up for the now-discontinued pension scheme for MEPs. Under the new rules will allow both MEPs who resigned their seat to take up a seat in the Maltese parliament, and MPs who were elected to the European Parliament, will qualify for pensionable service.

Even MPs who serve just part of one legislature will, on retirement, receive a pro rata entitlement. Speakers of the House who are not MPs, will also benefit, as will MPs who are elected after the age of 65.

The new rules also propose that top civil servants, namely the principal permanent secretary, permanent secretaries, Cabinet secretary, Auditor General and deputy Auditor General, and Ombudsman, will be entitled to a service pension under the Pensions Ordinance, notwithstanding that they would have joined the public service before January 1979.

Service pensions – occupational or second-pillar pensions – were ‘outlawed’ in 1979 for all workers in Malta, with the exception of MPs and police officers. In the case of MPs, their service pension is index-linked to future increases in MPs’ honoraria.

That leaves the rest of the working public entitled to a capped contributory social security pension, which means that irrespectively of how high one’s salary is, the maximum annual pension can only be two-thirds of some €20,000—and therefore not index-linked to future salary increases.

To be in parliament is a big privilege. Those who eat the whole cake will leave you with the crumbs. There are a lot of benefits, and if you are appointed to public office, you are entitled to a second pension because ‘you’ served your arse and nothing else! They screw us from all angles.

And both parties, the protagonists of the Maltese political puppet show, had joined forces on how to screw the people!

How “interesting” that there were no moral objections from anyone to this bill. Not a single conscience was perturbed. None of these round table greedy politicians, ta’ l-ewwel huma qabel kulħadd have objected in their world, where greed is stronger than values. This is utter disgrace on both sides while the people work their ass off to get two thirds of a capped amount.

And moreover, Maltese pensioners are being enslaved to work till death, thanks to these same Maltese political usurpers who are not only giving themselves the privilege to enjoy their retirement, but they also enjoy two pensions and are guaranteed a full, uncapped two-thirds of pensionable emoluments.

Shame on you, PL and PN, who join forces on how to not work for the common good of the people!

Shame on you, PL and PN, who joined forces to leave the people entitled to a capped contributory social security pension!

Shame on you, PL and PN, who join forces on how to rob and usurp the Maltese people!

Shame on you, PL and PN, who lie to the people, telling them that the multicultural demographic changes that are suffocating them, are happening so that their pensions are paid for, when this is another lie told! But they are surely paying that of the traitors.

Shame on you, PL and PN, who allow yourselves privileges while lately the PL announced that pension cuts could be a future reality, while “encouraging” citizens to continue working post-retirement and to plan ahead for their future, by making a private pension plan, which is yet another insurance scam! Are there going to be pension cuts for you too, by any chance? How about having one capped pension?

Because while the citizens are being encouraged to continue milking the corrupt system, the pigs in the city assemblage, who see themselves as the animals who are more equal than others, are drinking from the same milk while they take all the milk and the apples for themselves, as the pigs in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ did!

In their usual problem-reaction-solution, this site analysed that “the problem is that pension cuts could be a future reality because they have day-robbed you and destroyed the economy in a system that is all about economy, power, and money. The reaction is to increase the pension age and commit cold genocide on the people. The solution is that you must continue working after retirement.”

In our problem-reaction-solution, we can come up with the following: the problem is that we have traitors, usurpers and robbers in the city assemblage. The reaction is that we unite. The solution is swarming the two Djar Ċentri tal-Puppet Show in Ħamrun and Pieta’, then head to the city assemblage and sweep it clean from both parties. And then storm Castille and shout out to the world from its balcony with the phrase: “We, the people of Malta, are now sovereign.”

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