The plan was to get children to a stage where they lose contact all together

“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and trying to shatter some of the conditioning you’ve had by trying to make people more empathetic to their own children. It seems they’ve lost contact all together, which was always the plan, of course, according to Bertrand Russell and others, Aldous Huxley et cetera. All the ones who worked for Tavistock they’re pretty successful. Before I go on to callers, I’m just going to read a little bit more from the article that I was reading from. It says:

‘And the game is having an impact: America’s Army has consistently been rated by GameSpy in the global top 20 most popular online games with thousands of players logged on around the clock. In the online gaming world dominated by products such as Quake and Half- Life, America’s Army rates as a strong contender with 24 updates to the PC version released.

Alan: It goes on and on and it tells you right here that this isn’t just a game. It’s a propaganda tool.

‘While it may rate up there with the best in gaming, America’s Army is not an exercise in largesse towards the gaming community. It’s essentially a propaganda tool funded to the tune…’

Alan: Now listen to this.

‘…of more than $US10 million ($A11.1 million) of US taxpayers’ money designed to attract young people to military life.’

Alan: Attract? No, this is to condition them into going, just like Manchurian Candidate. There will be buzzwords et cetera in those games and they’ll hear the recruiters use them and they’ll go.

It says: ‘…The US Army spends an estimated $US1.5 million annually to support the game…’ That’s just to support it. That’s not to create it, 10 million initially.

‘…a drop in the $US583 million ocean of the army’s recruitment advertising budget last year. But the modest expense is reaping big dividends with 28 per cent of players clicking through to the US Army’s recruitment site and about 40 per cent of new US Army recruits in 2005 having played the game before signing up.

Alan: Of course you think advertising indoctrination doesn’t work, eh? You’re too clever for that. It won’t effect you, will it? People should look into this particular article. I’ll put it up on my site and read it for yourself. Unfortunately, most people have little memory today. They can’t retain too much and after they’ve read it they’ll be shocked and then they’ll forget it and watch the sports or watch military tanks coming up Yonge Street in Toronto with a cup on the commemoration of some team that won some game some where, because these guys like to play with balls. This is grown men playing with balls. What does that tell you?”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]

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