The desensitized police have been for years against the general public whom they view with suspicion

“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I’m talking about some of the horror stories and which one to talk about, because really we’re at the stage where the vast majority of the public as I say are so mind-bombed they can’t tell fact from fiction, or games that they play on the internet with real events. Everything looks much the same to them. They’re desensitized.

About a week ago I talked about a man in Canada who was tasered with these high-voltage guns which the police are now using on the public. He was tasered at the airport in Vancouver and he was from Poland. He had been held behind by a security I guess or put in a special room for hours now it turns out to be. Hours and hours, maybe up to 10 hours. They actually sent the man’s mother home who went to meet him and they told her that he hadn’t arrived. They’re very good at this kind of stuff. They lie all the time. That’s why they have public relations teams to do all these great institutions including the police forces and security. That’s what public relations are meant to do. They distort perceptions and they decide what perceptions you’re going to end up with by altering events and reality to protect themselves just like the criminals do, same sort of thing.

There’s now a video of this man being taken down by the taser up on Google and those who can stomach it should watch it because the police walk right in there. Four of them, RCMP’s, you know the best that they have supposedly, and they just pull out this thing and shoot him with the
taser. The man was unarmed. He had his hands up and down he went, and that wasn’t good enough, because once he was down and unconscious, they land on top of him and one of them puts the shinbone over the back of the guy’s neck and when the cop gets back up the man isn’t breathing anymore.

That’s what happening now on almost a daily event all over the world and these little people go down as statistics you see and are forgotten amongst all the hype of Tom Cruises’ latest mishap or whatever they give you in Hollywood to dwell upon. So many statistics have gone down on this old planet especially in recent years that if you strung them all together they’d go out into Zeta Reticuli and back again. That’s what the world is becoming, just numbers and figures and mishaps you see. There will be investigations about this that will end up going nowhere and exonerating the police because the police now are being hyped up and hyped up and have been for years against the general public. They view the public with suspicion. You’re either in the fraternity or you’re not. You either wear the brotherhood uniform or you don’t, so it’s them and us and it’s been intensified because of all this terrorism hype, plus they’re given new toys and you have a generation who’s grown up playing video games and wanting to wear these uniforms. It’s all preplanned that way. They’re desensitized themselves and only the bully types that love to dominate go in for that particular kind of job.

Now here’s a similar story that’s just been put out in the ‘Daily Mail’ in Britain the 15th of November by Chris Brooke. ‘Police shot diabetic in coma with taser because…‘Again, here’s the excuse right away. That’s misleading but the Daily Mail is a good friend of the government. ‘…because they thought he was a suicide bomber.’ That’s the sort of thing you put in a court inquiry: ‘because they thought he was a suicide bomber,’ an excuse right away.

It says: ‘A diabetic in a coma and in need of urgent medical attention was shot with a stun gun by police who feared he was a suicide bomber. Nicholas Gaubert’s bizarre ordeal happened just six days after the July 7 bombings with the country in a state of high alert. But apart from wearing a rucksack and being on a bus, he is bewildered as to how he could be mistaken for a terrorist. Last night he accused police of using him for ‘target practice’.

It goes on to say: ‘The 34-year-old bistro owner and son of a magistrate has been dependent on insulin for 20 years. He was on his way to meet friends for a drink after work when he fell into a diabetic coma on the top deck of a bus in his home town of Leeds. He says he was the only
passenger on board. He does not remember any more until he woke up in the back of a police van in handcuffs, initially fearing he had been kidnapped. It appears armed police had been called to the bus and shot him twice with a Taser gun after he failed to respond to their orders.’

Well of course because he was in a coma you see, a coma. Check up IQ level; IQ level.

‘Yesterday, after discovering the two police officers involved would not be prosecuted, he spoke out about his shocking…’ This is British humor you see. ‘_..shocking experience on July 13, 2005, nine days before the shooting in London of Jean Charles de Menezes. ‘I am disgusted that no action will be taken,’ he said. ‘The only thing that could have made people suspicious of me was that I had a black rucksack with me.’

It goes on and on again. They’ll do their own inquiry of the police of course and you know nothing will come out of it. This particular victim’s said I think they just saw an opportunity to try out their toys, and he’s lucky he woke up in the back of the police van. He could have died and if they had thrown him in the jail, no doubt he would have died because he was in a coma.

Now there’s more on a lot of these victims of the tasers as the cops go crazy and it’s called Also called ‘World Taser News’ and you can find a lot of these stories on there. They’re keeping tabs on this it looks like worldwide because this is the up and coming thing with the bully boys. Now after saying that, I should advise all visitors to Britain, all visitors coming into Britain, Canada and the U.S. to learn to say this when you’re confronted with these characters.

You know a gang comes up to you wearing uniforms. Learn to say this: ‘Yeah, suh massa boss.’ Right. That’s what you learn to say. Yeah, suh. And then massa boss and look at the man’s feet as you say it. Don’t look them in the eyes and you might humor them that way. They feel less
threatened when they think you’re rather simple and you’re submissive, but if you look them in the eyes and try to declare you have some kind of rights you’ve just challenged them and they’ll take you down. They might kill you.

So ‘Yeah, suh massa boss.’ Everybody learn to say that and look at their feet as you say it, okay, because the blacks had to learn that years ago when they brought on for slaves and that was the first sentence they were taught. They had to learn that to keep themselves safe or get the whip. In
the old days it was the whip. Now they taser you or hit you with clubs or shoot you, so this might save your life.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]

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