Random reflections of minds undoing indoctrination XI

This is a gentle reminder that your freedoms were taken from you, that your enterprises were destroyed, and that the future of your children was harmed by the government. It is not the ones who weren’t vaccinated who did so stop pointing your fingers towards them.

Doctors who have spoken out about what is truly going on have already been silenced and fired. Therefore, the doctor you are now seeing at the clinic is not able to give you the whole truth. That implies that you are walking into an ambush in addition to live inside a manufactured illusion.

The general public will tell you that they are fighting global warming by remaining in their fifteen-minute prison.

Remember that it began with you wearing a mask. Before you know it, you will be chipped, you will own nothing, and you will be living within a social credit system.

The ultimate form of revolt against the system that wants you sick, degenerate, and under control is to be free and healthy.

We are going through psychological pandemics, which are the denial of evil within our midst; blind faith in those in positions of “authority”; absence of critical and independent thought; stress on conformity; conviction that corporate media is impartial and true, and the unwillingness to recognise hypocrisy.

You cease caring how insane you appear to the general population once you accept that their thinking is retarded.

The lies humans tell to hide the truth are the only thing more startling than the truth itself.

Your life ends the instant you allow yourself to be injected with a medicinal substance that has no legal liability. The right to be in charge of your own body is gone.

The reason the government manufactures crises is to’rescue’ you by taking away your freedom.

Were more individuals aware of oil pulling, dentists would be forced out of business. If a dentist has ever advised you that you need cavities filled, alter your diet and begin oil pulling (rinsing your mouth with coconut oil) instead of getting the cavities filled. There will be no more cavities. For anything, there are natural solutions available.

Call us conspiracy theorists, covidiots, or anti-vaccine activists. It is irrelevant. You’re making fun of those who have accurately foreseen each step of the fraud.

Something does not become true just because we were taught it and have believed it our entire lives.

The hole in the ozone layer was supposed to kill everyone when I was a kid.

“The climate change movement is nothing but the biggest economic slavery scam since the invention of the federal reserve. These human life hating assholes are using deranged lunatics to push the scam. People better wake the fuck up” [X post by Wyatt @austerrewyatt1]

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