Joe Biden replaced Easter Sunday with ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ and banned religious symbols from the White House

The President of America Joe Biden replaced Easter Sunday with ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ and banned religious symbols from the White House, citing concerns over ‘hate’ and ‘bigotry’. Clearly, there is a war on faith and Biden’s war on faith rages on with the declaration of “Gender Mutilation Day.”

The anti-Christian and anti-Christ agenda is in full swing. The Biden administration has militarized the federal government against life, faith, prayer, churches, and the nuclear family since taking office. Dreams and ruined lives have been left in its wake by this war.

‘Transgender Day of Visibility’? What is that? Clearly, children are the target. Children are the most susceptible group that the transgender cult preys on. During their early years, it sows confusion and sorrow, robbing them of childhood purity and delight. These heinous tests on children, which cause permanent harm to the subjects’ health, would even terrify even Nazis. For the rest of their lives, males are deprived of future partnerships and the opportunity to have children because of this literal open wound. Those unable of giving permission are the victims of this heinous crime.

“Gender affirming care” brings in a whopping $1.2 million over the course of a lifetime, yet it doesn’t deal with the root cause of gender dysphoria. Despite the claim that there is no proof that the high suicide rate among these people declines following castration and sterilization, it stays high.

The parents of the trans identity cult only want to be part in their child’s medical decisions, so they utilize legal measures to keep their child away from them. This is a brutal strategy that destroys families and creates emotional wounds that never go away.

The majority of people who experience gender dysphoria are treated by the normal course of puberty. The demands of the increasing number of trans cult victims are not being met by society in the meantime.

There is no therapy available for youngsters who feel sorrow after being brainwashed into joining the transgender cult. Their former cult members avoid them, and they are left alone to live a life of remorse and shame without any support system. These people require affection and encouragement.

Let us remember that one cannot change what is divinely ordained: “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every person, and it can never be filled by any created thing.” (Blaise Pascal)

We have to fight back resolutely against this war between faith and humanity. Our families, our children, and our morals must all be safeguarded. We can only hope to mend the scars caused by this battle and rebuild a society that honors the divine, truth, and love by banding together.

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