Italians shout ‘murderer’ at former Health Minister Roberto Speranza for mandating COVID-19 vaccines. Will Dr Fearne experience the same fate one day?

Roberto Speranza, the former Italian Health Minister who forced vaccinations on Italians during the pandemic, was unable to leave the house without police protection. It is truly a police state where the police are turning against the people while protecting the corrupt, the murderers, the crooks and the cronies. People cry “Murderers!” as they attempt to obstruct the former minister whenever they see him and follow him step by step.

Will all worldwide health ministers under whose watch the deadly and experimental COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out, go through the same? And this includes Bill Gates, Ursula von der Leyen, and any WEF crook linked to COVID-19.

Will the WHO go through the same fate?

Will Dr Fearne experience the same fate one day?

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