In their entire economic, structural system, the purpose of the Global Citizen is to be a good producer and consumer which is not natural

“Alan: Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. We have John from Texas on the line. Are you there, John? Hello.

John: Yes, this is me.

Alan: How are you?

John: Oh fine, and yourself?

Alan: I’m just doing away, doing away.

John: I have a question to ask about — I was hearing some things about — I love the old ancient stuff that you talk about back from the early Egyptian civilization and how this was all started back then. I have a question about I’m hearing about how blood is part of this. I’m hearing that
the elites how they use all their spiritualism and how they all interbreed and they have like AB negative blood and that everybody else has like O positive and that they’re calling their blood more perfect or efficient than ours because they pretty much are holding the AB type of blood and that’s supposed to be from the early days. Have you heard anything about that?

Alan: Yes. There’s a lot out there on it. However, I mean the primary cause here is the fact that even in the most ancient times — the world is a lot older than even Egypt, an awful lot older and so is civilizations have come and gone down through the ages. The psychopaths get to the top
through brute force because they’re ruthless and once they start interbreeding then they’re guaranteed to create the same types. Even the advisers around them become the nobility as they interbreed as well into their own and you have this whole conglomeration at the top, this pyramid structure of really psychopathic personalities. The trick has always been to use something they called money. That’s what they introduced into society and I don’t care what money is. It makes no difference what it is, those who control it will always be in charge, so this is the entire structural system and even the United Nations has said that the purpose of the Global Citizen is to be a good producer and consumer.

Really? Is that what we’re all born for, to produce and consume? It’s an economic system and it’s not a natural system, so you have interbred psychopathic types at the top who also will recruit psychopaths that spontaneously come out amongst the general population if they have
intelligence and they’ll recruit them into high positions as well because they need ruthless people to control the public. It’s not really the blood in itself. It’s probably genetic certainly in that you know even Plato talked about the ability to breed certain types of humans and breed out traits or
breed in traits, and for kings and queens and rulers they wanted people who could be ruthless when required. That’s what we’ve had right up to the present day.

John: Just one more question because I know a lot of people want to talk to you. Do you know anything about how the original Jehovah Witness religions started? I’m wondering if it’s part of a plan to infiltrate the religious sector of our society.

Alan: All of that came out — they started movements in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s and I think Charles Taze Russell started off the Jehovah’s. I always get them confused with the seventh other ones, Seventh Day Adventist, but Charles Taze Russell said that the gentiles had enough, they
were always warring with each other and it was time for a new Israel to rule the world. Now he’s buried under a pyramid opposite a Masonic lodge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I think, so that tells you all you need to know, and 666 is on the side of his tomb.

John: That’s crazy.

Alan: That’s the music coming in, and from Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]

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