In a blog which I have just published, I wrote about an open letter dated 20th March which was sent to the World Health Organization member states to finalize a new ‘pandemic accord’ in time for the 77th World Health Assembly, which is set to take place in Geneva, Switzerland, May 27-June 1.

You can read about this letter and its implications here:

and here.

What is also interesting is that please note that it was FORMER LEADERS and public figures who signed this letter. Who are these people?

“The letter’s 105 signatories included former U.K. prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 23 former national presidents and 22 former prime ministers.”

Do you think there is one for Malta? Of course there is! It is none other than the former prime minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, which the readers can verify here:

Can Dr. Lawrence Gonzi verify? Can he explain why he is pushing the globalist agenda by signing an evil document to encourage governments to accept the diabolical pandemic treaty?

It is of no wonder that the PN never opposed Dr. Fearne throughout anything that is related to Covid-19 and anything that followed suit!

Wake up popolin as you are being conned, while something very wicked this way comes!

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