A dairy farmer explains and dispels the lie that ‘cows are killing the planet’

According to Bill Gates and the so-called climate science experts, “Cows alone account for about 6% of global emissions, and so we need to change cows.” Here is a dairy farmer explaining in a simple way that this is not true and that this is another big lie in this war on farming and farmers.

“The biggest lie in the world right now is that cows are killing the planet. At the core of that lie is how methane is calculated and in the next few minutes, I am going to take you through the full carbon cycle from my dairy cows, from the air and back to the air. All the carbon that emit my dairy cows starts in the air and I have organised this fog as a nice visual representation of that carbon. Let’s take ten carbon atoms from the air, and follow their journey through one of my dairy cows. The grass uses photosynthesis to pull carbon out of the air and store it as energy in the form of carbohydrates and proteins. So when my cows come here in a few weeks to graze they will eat the grass and they will take up the carbon. I am sorry for explaining this like you’re stupid but none of the public questions anything of this stuff. One of the ten carbon atoms will leave as meat and milk which is then consumed as food by us humans and we emit the carbon as respiration. Another two of the carbon atoms are emitted as respiration by the cow. Also, not counted as an emission. The remaining seven carbon atoms are digested in the rumen of the cow by bacteria. The bacteria inside the cow’s rumen takes the remaining seven carbon atoms and converts them to methane through the bacteria’s version of respiration. So respiration from the human not counted as an emission. Respiration from the cow – not counted as an emission. Respiration from the rumen counted as an emission. But here’s the thing. No matter how the carbon is released by the cow, it is all started in the same place, which is the air. This next bit is where climate scientists like to gaslight us farmers and say that methane is not the same as CO2. So, let’s continue to track our seven carbon atoms which have left our cow as methane. They have entered the atmosphere again and those seven methane atoms have ninety-six times the global warming potential of seven carbon atoms. However, over the next twelve years, them seven methane molecules that entered the atmosphere will break down into CO2 and water, completing our cycle. What this means is if you have a stable number of animals, like this farm has, for the last twelve years, as you emit the seven methane molecules, seven more that you emitted a decade earlier have just broken down back to carbon to be reabsorbed by the grass. So the net effect of the methane molecules emitted by my cows on global warming is zero. Factually, zero. And yet, in all the carbon calculations, them methane molecules are accounting for over seventy percent of my farm’s emissions.”


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