“We’re going into a global system and this is where all the top psychopaths compete with each other to be the first king of the whole planet, king of the world, and there’s only one throne there and they all have tremendous egos, so hopefully they’ll start fighting each other at the top. That’s the one thing we have going in our favor, because psychopaths crave power as an addict craves his drug. They can’t stop themselves but they can cooperate up until that level and we have to go through that hell until they start fighting with each other.

What we’ve got to watch too is we don’t fight with each other. They have divided society, not only from parent to parent, or man from woman, and all things in between, everyone’s arguing with everyone else. Parents are divided from their children and generations literally don’t really talk to each other. They’re all in their little compartments as they grow up and stay in those compartments as they grow up. We’ve got to start coming together and see the big picture here and realize, hey, we’re all in trouble and so all the petty little differences that there are better be thrown out the window while we come together and stop this; because to allow this to go ahead is to lead into a horror, a nightmare that this world hasn’t seen. Hasn’t seen, but we’ve seen it on smaller scales in nations and so on, but we’ve never seen it on a global scale where the scientists will have the same authority that priests used to have as they burned you at the stake.

Who wants to go back to the days where both the Soviets and the Hitlerites were measuring your skull and taking little measurements of your nose and how long your ear was and all this kind of stuff? We’re seeing that emerge in the major psychological magazines today. Same stuff, the shape of the ear and so on, and a little crease over the eyebrow might dictate that this person has criminal tendencies when he grows up. All this voodoo is coming back into the supposed so-called sciences, these new religions they call sciences, and they’re being used again. We’re seeing all of the symptoms of the disease right in front of us right now.

Now of course they’re bringing out the big cameras at airports and subways et cetera with the same kind of data in it, to look for certain traits in your face, and if this little computer says you’re stressed out and could go berserk, you’re going to find yourself flat on the ground and tasered. That’s what’s coming in this Brave New Totalitarian World of theirs. As I say, something wicked this way comes. They also say that ignorance is bliss and it’s true for the majority of public. It will be bliss until it hits them. The only ones it really affects right now are those who know, and I tell them don’t become terrified, become active. They’ve got to speak out now and say no, enough of this. Enough of this and we better get on to these big foundations too that claim that they’re speaking for us, even though we don’t elect them and they go off on these strange weird tangents that we have no say in. We’ve got to speak out now and say no more.

You have no more influence with governments. You’re separate from governments. We better keep them apart because once they’re combined together — you’re under, you truly are under this Brave New Pre-planned World where they will start depopulating in a big way, bigger than they’ve been it so far. We don’t live in a beautiful society here. We live in a planned society. They’re talking about not only planned parenthood, which means abortion. They’re talking about the planned society in general. They’ve already got what they claim are the maximum sustainable numbers for every particular country on the planet and they discuss these things in their big meetings. They also discuss ways of bringing those populations down. I watched one program about two years ago on the public broadcasting to do with the United Nations and how they were helping certain Bushmen over in Africa. What they did was to guarantee them a little credit card if they got themselves sterilized, but that was the condition — if you want to eat, we’re going to sterilize you. They give them this little chain and a credit card and once a month this little white van goes through the sandy land, pulls up and the guy goes in and he can buy a few tins of beans and so on for the price of his charlies; and that’s being done.

That’s how they plan to eventually run the whole world, because according to the elite going all the way back to the days of Thomas Malthus, one of the first big major liars who was very, very good at twisting any facts and what he wanted them to be, came out with depopulation programs for the commoners and how to build homes for them on swamps and so on so they’ll die off all the quicker. He was also the man who spoke on behalf of the British East India Company and the British Royalty for Britain and even measured the distance in the poor houses the patients should be set apart so that lice and various other contaminant infestations could travel between the patients and kill them off all the quicker. He was a beautiful hero to a lot of the economists, and one of the top economists of his day, and that Malthusian theory has never really gone out the window. It’s still working amongst some of the elite. I’ve heard some of them talk about the commoners and they talk exactly as old Thomas did.”

[From Alan Watt’s radio programme, Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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