Times of Malta confuses the notion between legal migration and illegal immigration to make you believe that immigration is a strength

London is drowning in migrants and most big cities are in the same boat. All Europe, all the west, is about to implode. Malta is about to implode.

If we go back to 2016, in UK a Syrian immigrant by the name of Omar Badreddin, raped a 12-year-old English girl. When the girl reported the rape, the BBC came to Omar’s defence, accusing the girl of lying and racism, in a documentary on Syrian ‘Refugees’ in Newcastle. The charges against Omar were dropped, he was acquitted and was portrayed as a victim of a ‘false’ allegation. BBC Newsnight did a documentary on Syrian ‘Refugees’ in Newcastle. Fast forward to 5th March 2024, and Omar, together with his brother Mohammed, have been convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl in Newcastle.

In a Vienna apartment of an Afghan immigrant, a fourteen-year-old Austrian girl was discovered dead. Several Muslim immigrant guys drugged and gang raped the child. In another case, a 12-year-old girl was gang-raped by 17 Afghan and Syrian immigrants. The gang, aged between 13 and 18, filmed the abuse and blackmailed their distraught 12-year-old victim with threats to upload the footage to social media to keep her silent. She has since been placed under victim protection for her own safety. Austria is quickly following other Western countries beset by widespread child rapes and acts of sexual abuse committed by immigrants with a predominately Muslim background. Does this mean that all Muslims are rapers? No, of course not! But one cannot negate the dangers that the west is facing because of the agenda of the cold genocide being committed on Europeans.

Here comes Times of Malta with its opinion article “Can identity integration thrive in Maltese society?” to confuse you between legal migration and illegal migration. The caption of the article is “Integration isn’t just about ‘them’ and ‘us’; it’s about an ongoing dialogue between diverse cultures and identities, writes Regina Catrambone.” If anyone needs to integrate it’s the persons coming here. It is not the other way round.

Who is Regina Catrambone? She is an Italian philanthropist who, together with her husband, co-founded and is the director of MOAS – Migrant Offshore Aid Station. I would like to ask Regina if she feels welcomed in Malta and if she has integrated with the Maltese people. Do you expect an NGO which walks hand in hand with the agenda of the Kalergi plan, to tell you something different?

The article is yet another yet bombardment of the narrative and all out against the Maltese nation. It talks about the stories of Walid Nabhan and Kusi Dismark. Firstly, there is a big difference. Walid Nabhan is an esteemed author and has lived here for 35 years in Malta. 35 years are a long time and they imply a lot of things in favour of Malta and the Maltese people, don’t you think? And he is leaving not because he has committed a crime or broken any kind of legal framework, but because of lack opportunities, the rising costs of living and the housing crisis. Aren’t these also issues which the Maltese people are facing?

The story of Kusi Dismark is different because he has broken the law and he came here illegally. Let us differentiate between legal and illegal immigration. Colour doesn’t come into it and this article by Regina Catrambone has too many words being crammed down our throats by the popular press and the politicians.

Times of Malta qed tħallat il-ħass mal-pitravi.

Can we start differentiating between what is legal and what is not legal or not? Can we start standing tall for law-abiding and honest citizens? Can we for once start supporting the natives and fight the agenda?

It is because of such articles that the world does not change but instead it is left to drown unless the ultimate goals of agendas are achieved. And then it is useless looking back and asking ‘Where did we fail?’ or ‘What did we do wrong?’

But for the communists the Maltese nation is in the wrong. They will accuse you of being racial discriminator.

The media and liberals will not stop promoting the idea that immigration is a positive thing.

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