“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and to continue, as I was talking about the Knights Templars and the tremendous international banking system that they’d set up with all their temples across the Middle East, right all the way back through Europe and even into England and how they did their debts and their debits and their credits on a huge outside chessboard with big poles that they would move these pieces around on. That’s how they worked out how they’d given out in loans and what they were due back, and even today the head of the British Treasury is called the Chancellor of the H-Chequer (Exchequer) because it was on like a checkerboard. That’s where the word “cheque” comes from.

They dished out paper money, which you could cash in on the other end and get it from their temple; you could come out with gold, et cetera, in any country, and that was the beginning of it. They also had a form of tax-free exemption on all their profits from the Vatican, and they went their own way with that. However, they didn’t end there even when old DeMolay, or ‘Jacque the Mole,’ as they say, went undercover or was killed, because the boys with the treasury escaped. They had a huge flotilla of ships, and a lot of them ended up in Argyllshire in Scotland, where their graves can still be seen today. They were also into the New World, long before Columbus came along, because at Oak Island they’ve done the research there and they’ve found the Templar insignias on various stones that were set-up in a Templar fashion again on a particular island, plus they had a treasure buried there.

Queen Elizabeth I’s court is where they came out more openly, calling themselves Rosicrucians. They do have different branches. The branches are not in opposition to each other, although sometimes they appear to be. They’re actually all specialized branches with their own specialized task. The Rosicrucians initially came out in Queen Elizabeth I court and her advisers were also not only that, they were also pirates and their idea was to take as much wealth as they could into their coffers, become extremely wealthy and later on, and as Albert Pike eventually said, ‘we shall become the masters over the masters of the world.’ Pike also authorized the beginning of the International Revolutionary Society that became the Communist Party, and he trained Mazzini. He went over to Italy and started a revolution there. Mazzini handed it over, and Lenin took over and called it the Bolshevik Party.

Revolution was one of their main keys, but also gathering the wealth to back it all up was the other part. This wasn’t for the working people or anything like that. As I say, they run both sides of everything. It’s to garnish wealth, to get power and to become specialists over the public. The public are called ‘the profane’, those who are in the darkness. They don’t know. That’s what it means. However, they also see themselves having the right to profit from the ‘herd,’ another term they use, because that’s the function of a herd and we’re also sheep. They are the shepherds. Now the job of the shepherd is to convince the sheep that the interests of the shepherd and the sheep both are in the same direction. That’s the first con. Once the sheep accept it, they go along through their lives until they are slaughtered and eaten and their wool taken to make the clothes for the good old shepherd, or the wolf as I prefer to call them.

That’s what we’ve been watching our whole lives. We’ve been living through this system as they garnish money. They have no problem coming out in the open once in a while with their big scandals as they loot the general public. They do it through bank failures, bank collapses, depressions, and all that kind of thing, and they’ve done it quite a few times in history, even recent history. I’m sure they have another one lined up, especially with the U.S. dollar down the road. However, it’s not only that; you see, they see themselves as having the right to scientifically train us, and they set up and they fund the big scientific institutions. Many of the top members of these institutions are also the High Masons themselves; and just to read a little bit of this report that came out of Britain, just to show you how far the control freaks are going, and this is straight out of George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Remember, Orwell himself started off his book with him in his room, and he has to jump in front of the television camera and the big television screen and start exercising in front of this image. They can see him, because physical fitness and keeping fit all this kind of stuff is part of the ultimate training.”

[Alan Watt on his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]


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