The local media is silent about the fact that Dr. Joseph Muscat campaigned in favour of abortion in his speech at Alex Agius Saliba’s rally!

In his speech at the campaign rally for Alex Agius Saliba, Dr. Joseph Muscat said the following:

“Minflok, irridu nħarsu issa lejn l-għaxar snin li ġejjin. Għaxar snin taħt tmexxija ta’ gvern Laburista, illi jrid ikompli jimmodernizza dan il-pajjiż. Jimmodernizza dan il-pajjiż billi jagħmlu pajjiż illi jsir laboratorju tat-teknoloġiji l-ġodda. Pajjiż illi jġib u jkollu aktar ugwaljanza. Jagħti d-drittijiet lin-nisa biex jiddeċiedu huma fuq ġisimhom stess. Jagħti d-drittijiet lil kulħadd illi jkun jista’ jiehu d-deċiżjonijiet illi għandu jieħu. Li nagħmlu proġetti infrastrutturali ġodda u mhux nieqfu għax il-progress ma jista’ qatt jitwaqqaf.”

[Instead, we need to look at the upcoming ten years. Ten years under the Labour governance, who wants to continue to modernize this country. Modernize this country by turning it into a laboratory of the new technologies. A country that brings and has more equality. Gives the rights to women to decide about their own bodies. Gives rights to everyone to take the decisions that they want to take. To make new infrastructural projects and do not stop, because progress can never be stopped.]

To Dr Muscat and all those politicians and MEPS who are in favour of abortion, I say, shame on you! The ‘you have your body and you do whatever you want with it’ is such a deceitful argument. It is not your body! You are a fool if you think that. This little baby who is growing inside the woman’s womb is not yours to do whatever you want with. Life is not yours. Did you create this life? No! Since you are not the Creator, then be quiet. You have no right to do whatever you want with this life. Neither your life is yours and neither the life of the baby growing inside you is yours. Life belongs to God and He is the only one that has any rights whatsoever! Shame on you to kill a baby who does not have a voice and cannot defend himself! Humanity has become foolish and unwise. Humanity is not able to discern evil anymore. This is the murder of a living being! This is the murder of a baby inside a womb! And since you speak of rights, rights and rights all the time, in this crazy century where everything is about self-entitlement, what about the rights of the baby inside the womb?

And as hypocritical as they are, politicians will then complain that Malta has a low fertility rate. And as hypocritical as they are, politicians will tell you that the Maltese family is at their heart. This is how you understand that they are ruthless, without principles and that they are puppets. And yet this evil is being propagated by politicians themselves like Dr. Muscat, who I think has not understood yet, that he is not commanding anymore.

I would like to ask the Labour government, Robert Abela and Alex Agius Saliba if abortion is their politics.

And this evil is being propagated by the local media, which has endorsed the liberal agenda, and although it makes you think otherwise, it is one with the Labour government when it comes to agendas like abortion. Don’t you realize how silent it was about this part of Dr. Muscat’s speech? Isn’t Dr. Muscat a topic to massacre now by the media, as it usually does? What utter, deep hypocrisy!

And what about the Repubblichini and their chief commander, Robert Aquilina? Where are they? Is the Repubblichino going outside Dr. Muscat’s house now, to give him the golden handshake while thanking him for sharing the same pro-killing agenda of Daphne Caruana Galizia?

It is all just a comedy show of bigotry and hypocrisy. Keep on voting. Keep on applauding. Keep on thinking that any one mentioned above is fighting for you, is taking care of you.

Dr. Muscat has sold himself all out to the globalist elites turned parasites. I tell one thing to Dr. Muscat – you are not going to take any of your accumulated success, wealth and whatever with you beyond the grave. But clearly, you are ready to sell your own children and the children of a Maltese nation, to appease your masters.

And the media is the deceitful pen of the same masters, while you, dear Maltese citizens, are the lab rats in the new Malta, the new laboratory of clinics of white-washed walls and of technological harmful radiation, while hands and feet walk in streets dripping blood which chokes the shrieks of a drowning nation, where God is dead because the politicians and the sheep they brainwash, have killed Him.

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