How is a nation declared to be communist? There are three methods to accomplish this: government planning, controls, and taxes. And in the name of liberty, the Fabian Socialists have done this and still do. They do everything under the umbrella of liberalism.

The Fabians have long harboured admiration for communism and communists. In actuality, the British sent an army into Russia soon after the Bolshevik Revolution in an effort to halt the uprising. In the event that the British did not remove their troops from Russia, the labour unions under the authority of the Fabian Socialists threatened to declare a general strike in England. Therefore, Russia might not have seen a victorious Bolshevik revolution if it weren’t for the Fabian Socialists. In fact, the British withdrew their soldiers from Russia and handed over all of their armaments to the Communists, who utilised them to gain total authority over the nation.

But what about the Fabian Socialists and the insiders? They even went so far as to claim that if there were no insiders and the Fabians were the only individuals Americans had, America would be in serious danger because they intended to create a communist society. Nevertheless, the Fabians needed money. How do they get the money? Thus, for example, in America, they operated through multiple fronts and organisations like the American Civil Liberties Union, all of which received funding from foundations, mostly from the Ford, Rockefeller*, and Carnegie foundations. As a result, the incredibly wealthy capitalists are supporting the Fabian Socialist Movement in America by acting as insiders.

The Fabian Socialists even went so far as to build the London School of Economics and Political Science in the 1920s in England, of which the Rockefeller Foundation is one of the main sponsors. Now keep in mind that the Rockefeller family is one of the thirteen ruling families with an Illuminati bloodline, which I will discuss in more detail in a series to come. Is it now evident how everything has been fitting together to bring us to this point? Are you beginning to see how they work together? Isn’t it odd that the governing family, who are extraordinarily wealthy capitalists, are funding a movement that aims to supposedly seize their wealth?

The Fabian Socialists’ control of education, especially the creation of textbooks, has been funded by these same insider groups. Thus, there is a tight connection between the Fabians and the insiders.

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