“Astor also was fairly active during his life as a freemason, holding several more key positions in the secret lodge life. John Jacob was the richest man in the United States. Note this reference: Meyers, Gustavus History of the Great American Fortunes, London: Stationers Hall, 1909, p. 147 said, ‘Statistics issued in 1844 of manufacturers in the United States showed a total gross amount of $307, 196,844 invested. Astor’s wealth, then, was one-fifteenth of the whole amount invested throughout the territory of the United States…’ Is having 1/15th of all of what American money is invested not rich?

John Jacob Astor’s descendants had a penchant for secrecy, and set up things to rule from behind the scenes. In contrast, to some of the other top families, the Astors preferred not to sit on boards of corporations they controlled. In 1890, a real estate expert calculated the Astors owned 1/20 of New York City real estate. After making their fortune while residing in the New York area, the Astors by and large have all gone to England. They still wield great financial power in the United States through proxies. Forum Magazine, Nov. 1889, commented that authorities estimated the Astors were worth $300,000 but that that figure had to be an underestimate. Today, my estimate of the Astors is that they are worth about 40 billion dollars. One of the many foundations that the Astors created was the Vincent Astor Foundation, which is controlled from England by the Astors and has in the range of $100 million tax exempt dollars.

The Vincent Astor Foundation has typically given to Catholic and Episcoplian needs, among other things. They also give money to agencies opposed to private ownership of guns. They give money to NY’s public library. Imagine how much influence that gives them, when the library is receiving regular help for general support? A 1971 Foundation Directory stated that the V. Astor foundation had its present emphasis on preventing juvenile delinquency. Why don’t I trust the Astors in helping out with law enforcement? The William Waldorf Foundation states that its purpose is ‘Promotion of mutual understanding and the diffusion of knowledge and culture among the United States and the dominions, colonies, and countries of the British Commonwealth.’

This sounds very similar to the public statement of purpose that the secretive Pilgrim Soc. has given out to those who need something about them. Assets for this foundation are a mere $64,000. Vincent Astor (now deceased) was a member of 41 private clubs. To give an idea of how much power just one of the many Astor men wield some of the businesses Vincent was involved include:

Director – American Express Company; dir. Atlantic Fruit and Sugar Co.; dir. Chase Manhattan Bank (of the Rockefellers); dir. City and Suburban Homes Co.; dir. Classical Cinematograph Corporation; dir. Cuban-Dominican Sugar Co.; dir. National Park Bank of NY; dir. NY County Trust Co.; dir. Weekly Publications Inc.; dir. Western Union Telegraph Trustee NY; Zoological Soc. Advisor to Bankers Trust of NY member Amer. Museum of Nat. Hist. member Nat. Instit. of Soc. Sciences (notice these last two like so many elite controlled organizations are heavily involved in the spread of the evolution theory).”

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