“Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, just bringing you up to speed on past events which helped shape this future that we now live in, the present that we now live in and the future, and how they’ve trained scientifically (scientific indoctrination) whole masses of people; whole nations of people to go out and play like little children and gorge themselves on entertainment and have fun while they’re steamrolling ahead with this incredible totalitarian plan of theirs.

People are oblivious to what’s going on. They’re just like little children and that’s what socialism is. Socialism is perpetual childhood, where big brother or big daddy, really, because that’s what we have today; big daddy the bringer of all good things is in charge and he and his buddies will decide how to take care of all of your problems for you. That’s how we’ve been trained. These people who come out of special wombs, not like the rest of us commoners, are somehow better fitted to stay in charge and fit it all for you. You have weighty problems, things which you’d never understand, so just go out and play. That’s what it’s all about. While they’re doing that, they’ve been having wars all over the world for over 50 years.

Truman in 1950 had a meeting with the top members of Congress and they had decided that the U.S. economy prior to World War II was only relieved because of World War II. That’s what pulled America out of the Depression. It pulled Britain out as well and most of the European countries. The Depression was caused primarily by the failure of some German banks because the German nation is supposed to keep forking out money from World War I to all the victors, forking out money eternally and keeping their people in a state of utter depression and poverty. World War II came along, it was inevitable, all the signers of the agreements during World War I knew that. Germany had no option but to go under and starve to death, or fight their way out of it, so along comes World War II, a predicted event, helped and financed by the way from the West as always, because the big corporations who are part of the fascist war machine were all involved in the creation of I.G. Farben that was the war machine. That was the war industry for Germany and that pulled the U.S. and other countries out of the war, then borrow like crazy on their great-great grandchildren’s backs, because that’s how you pay back compound interest intergenerationally.

In 1950, Truman and the rest of them realized that without war, America could go back into a slump since over half of its economy is derived from production for war. Therefore, they began to have wars on everything and they got heavily involved in wars all over Latin America to make sure that the system that they foresaw — remember the plan again was to make a world society under The Council on Foreign Relations, this socialist controlled society. They could only bring it about by having constant continual wars all over the world and eliminate competition; and being good fascists and corporate fascists, that’s what corporations do. You eliminate the competition and that also meant peoples who would arise demanding their rights, their freedoms and better working conditions or money or even the right to some property to live on. That’s why they were all over Latin America calling them communists and killing them, whole villages of them for 50-odd years and then all over the world; and voila! in the absence of the Cold War, when the Berlin Wall goes down, Margaret Thatcher gives a speech saying that the next major wars will take place in the Middle East against these ‘radical fundamentalists’ she called them, but she also broadened that to include all fundamental religious types, so people back in the U.S. should think about that. They knew it was coming. You’ve got to have a war on the go somewhere, sometime or all the time.

Right now, as we’re going through all of this practice for general takeover of the military and police and all the civilian agencies, Operation TOPOFF et cetera, we’re seeing this is not just nationwide. This is happening in different countries across the world. All these agencies, civilian agencies and emergency management agencies are now pulling off their little stunts to see how well they can communicate with each other. How they can direct traffic flows. How they can get the public to cooperate with them. They’re even letting off some smoke fumes, big fumes to simulate dirty bombs; and what they’ve told the public is this is to watch which way the wind blows it to see what the coverage area would be. Well, how on earth would they know which way the wind is going to go when the real thing happened? It’s all to get us used to an idea there’s a war going on, you see, because they must have a war for controlling us; and fascists don’t know any other way to run a system but by, as I say, the iron fist on the public — the public being just animals to be led to the slaughter eventually. There’s a book out called ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler’ written by Anthony C. Sutton, who was not a conspiracy freak. He was born in London, educated at the University of London in Goettingen and California. He became a citizen of the United States. He came from Britain. He was a research fellow at the Hoover Institute for War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford, California from 1968 to 1973.”

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