Rise, Malta, rise!

While the Maltese nation has spent another year fighting over their political party, enjoying the yearly cheque that the government puts on their doorstep to keep it happy and distracted, Love Island, Europride, X Factor, Eurovision, and concerts of Robbie Williams and the like, they are not realizing that they have become a minority in their own country—among other agendas, of course!

Anaesthesia Zombification is high and running.

The globalists and their puppets who opened our doors to “diversity” are purposefully blending Malta out—the small country with such a big heart, the small country with such a big history.

Evil, satanic Elite and their greedy, cowardly puppets.

The Maltese people should not ask why their employers keep them at a low wage. They should ask all those who speak up in favour of mass immigration, and those who have voted to mass import people who are willing to work for less. Cheap labour it is.

While the Maltese people work and pay taxes and their N.I. contributions, so that they are robbed by the government when they are given a 2/3 capped pension of all the N.I. contributions they would have paid over a period of 40 years, illegal immigrants receive their benefit cheques, despite the government’s lie that “they will pay your pensions”!

Do you ever hear African and Asian countries being told that they must embrace multiculturalism because they are not diverse enough? Are Africans and Asians told that they are not cultural enough and so, they should accept a mass immigration of Europeans?

The Maltese people have the right to enter a supermarket or a restaurant in their own country without feeling like strangers in their own country. The Maltese people have the right to feel at home in their own country when they are outside.

Dr Muscat told you that foreigners come to Malta because there is work. A new supermarket or chain of supermarkets opens locally, and you don’t see a single Maltese working there. Is it possible that you still cannot find a Maltese who wants to work as a cashier, storekeeper, shelf stacker, or supervisor? A new restaurant opens, and you don’t see a single Maltese. Is it possible that no Maltese wants to work as a chef, a barman, a kitchen helper, a restaurant manager, or a waiter? A new hotel opens, and you won’t see a single Maltese working in it. Is it possible that no Maltese wants to work as a receptionist, a security guard, a pool attendant, or a hotel handyman? Don’t you see them full of third country nationals? The truth is that we have a country and an economy built on cheap labour. That who once said “with peanuts you get monkeys,” opened the doors of this beautiful country and this country ended up losing its identity.

[When I was young, I had the wish of visiting India. Thanks to Joseph and Robert, India has visited me!]

Malta is no longer Malta and it does not longer belong to the Maltese nation.

In the past companies used to be encouraged to hire illegal immigrants with them. The same needs to be done for all those employers that do not hire not even one single Maltese! It cannot be that we have establishments and businesses where all the employees are Indians, Asians and the like! opens an establishment in Malta where 20 out of 20 of the employees are Indians, to pay a little! There must be a quota and companies must necessarily employ a number of Maltese.

Make Malta, Malta again. Make Europe, Europe again.

Your strength is not the diversity brought about by the wave of immigrants. It consumes your taxes, tightens laws, limits your freedoms, puts your children in danger, diminishes your wages, marginalizes your culture, raises crime, fills hospitals, takes up housing, destroys schools, and labels you a racist for raising concerns.

You, Maltese nation, is being intentionally being blended out. With each passing day your island is becoming less Maltese, but instead of telling you that this is a cold genocide on you, the government will tell you that it is a ‘cultural enrichment.’

And last but not least, remember these two points. First, never forget that the government who has forced you to get vaccinated to keep your job, lets in thousands of unvaccinated and unemployed. Lastly, never forget that the employer who forced you to get vaccinated to keep your job, employs the thousands of vaccinated and unemployed who were let in by the government, so that they ‘pay your pension,’ while your employers get richer through this cheap labour deal, keeping your wage low.

Rise, little island, rise!

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