While the media and the MEPs keep on selling you the climate hysteria, here is a brief summary of what Emeritus Professor of Physics at Princeton University, Prof. William Happer, stated while live on Sky News Australia. In the whole clip, he also explains the physics of carbon dioxide.

“More CO2 is good for the world… It’s absurd to be trying to reduce CO2”.

“We’re in a CO2 famine now… It’s unbelievable that they’ve managed to turn this beneficial gas, a part of life, into a threat.”

“They talk about carbon pollution. I can’t imagine what they’re talking about. We’re made of carbon, and we breathe out two pounds of CO2 a day, each of us—that’s 8 billion people.”

“Many of them say, well, people are the real problem, it’s not the CO2, we’ve got too many people, and really we can’t have more than a billion people in the world.”

Prof. William Happer was on a speaking tour in Australia, with the Institute of Public Affairs, speaking about climate science integrity, and he was doing his best to calm down the climate catastrophists. He also served for a year as in former President Donald Trump’s administration as senior director of the National Security Council.

Is there anyone from our Climate Emergency pushing grifter like the government, the media, and MEPs like Dr. Sant and Alex Agius Saliba, who would like to comment and call Emeritus Prof. William Happer non-credible? Are you all happy to have food production being sacrificed and lives being killed for a lie?

You can hear it in full in the footage below.

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