“Well, then there was an article in 2006: Lucy’s Baby, an extraordinary new fossil. And they showed us what they found. That’s the stuff in orange, white is imagination.

And they told us what they found: shoulder blades and neck vertebra like a gorilla; inner ear canals like African apes; a long, curved finger like a tree-dwelling ape. But now look at the picture. All they have from the arms is that one finger and a little bit of the upper arm bone. The rest is imagination. But they’ve drawn the arm, the length of a human arm. It had a voice box like a chimpanzee’s, cranial capacity like a chimpanzee. So according to them all the evidence is ape. But look at the way they drew the picture—with human-length arms—and it looks like it stands upright just like you and I.

Well, I didn’t give you the whole title of the article. It didn’t say ‘Lucy’s Baby an Extraordinary New Fossil’. It said, ‘Lucy’s Baby, an Extraordinary New Human Fossil!’ But all the evidence is ape! So, they should have said a new ape fossil. And if they’d said that, there would be no reason to publish the article, because who cares about an ape fossil? What is this? This is more ape-man deception in one of our leading science magazines, Scientific American.”

You can watch the lecture here.

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