“Well, there’s a Christian leader, scientist, who’s influenced a lot of Christians to believe in millions of years and this is what his organization, Hugh Ross and Reasons to Believe says about hominids in particular the Neanderthals:

“RTB’s biblical creation model identifies ‘hominids,’ Neanderthals, Homo Erectus and others, as animals created by God. These extraordinary creatures walked erect and possessed enough intelligence to assemble crude tools and even adopt some level of ‘culture.’ The RTB model maintains that the hominids were not spiritual beings made in God’s image. RTB’s model reserves this status exclusively for Adam and Eve and their descendants (modern humans).’

But that’s not what science says. Science says that the Neanderthals were human. And look at this reconstruction of a Neanderthal at the University of Zurich:

Does she look subhuman to you? Does she look like an animal to you? No, the Neanderthals were fully human. And because of where we found their bones, we conclude that they are people who migrated from the Tower of Babel after Noah’s flood.

Well, the Australopithecines are not our relatives. The Neanderthals are our relatives. What about some other missing links that the evolutionists have brought forth?

Well, Piltdown man was discovered in 1912 and the Illustrated London News had a picture of what he looked like, based on the evidence. It was a piece of jaw, two molar teeth, a canine tooth and a piece of skull. And the confident interpretation by the Geological Society of London was: ‘He’s a half million to a million years old. And the bones leave no possible doubt but that they represent a man who must be regarded as affording us a link with our remote ancestors, the apes.’

No possible doubt. Well, the bones went into the Natural History Museum in London. There were other artistic representations. This one more ape-like:

But there were scientists who said, ‘You know, we would like to have a look at those bones.’ And the Natural History Museum said ‘We’d be happy to show you plaster casts of the bones.’ They didn’t let anybody actually look at the real bones, for 40 years. Finally, in 1953, they let some scientists – they were actually evolutionists – look at those bones. And what they found was a deliberate hoax. The jawbone was from an orangutan which they estimated died about 50 years earlier. The skull was human. They carbon dated it to be 500 to 700 years old. The bones were artificially coloured with chemicals to make them look old. And when they examined the teeth under the microscope they could see file marks. They had been filed to make them look more human. And the evidence pointed to some of the leading British scientists involved in this hoax. But they were already dead.

But think about that. How many people who read the article in 1912 lived to 1953 to find out it was a hoax?”

The lecture can be watched here.

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