Dr. Dominick Maglio on how the state and the politicians have embraced communism

Having worked in the fields of education and mental health for over forty years, Dr. Domenick Maglio has a Ph.D. in Human Development. He has experience working in the Florida prison system as a clinical psychologist. For ten years, he oversaw the Hernando County Domestic Violence program as its director. In addition, he oversaw Open Door for Mental Health, a program that assists mentally ill individuals in leaving state mental hospitals and reintegrating into society. He was a board member of the National Independent Private Schools Association and a higher education instructor for ten years.

Here is his article which was published on the 9th of August of last year, about how communism is being felt in America and its institutions and how the American State has embraced communism. On reading this article, one can immediately also realise that this mirrors in various aspects, the local, Maltese situation too.

“Local, state, and federal governments have intruded into every aspect of our lives. Local councilmen have made laws that ban chaining a dog, dictate the length of the grass, and require every change made on one’s property to be inspected and permitted. Every private home is now under the control of the government.

State government schools issue mandates on what is to be taught in each grade. The state has established education and license standards that miss the art of being an excellent teacher. Their idea is to complete a series of college courses as a guarantee of becoming a really effective teacher. It is not bearing fruit.

As the American family weakens and dissolves into divorce, our schools have used government funding to provide services to students. These children can be provided psychological/ sociological services, free lunch, breakfast, and dinner, and in some schools, weekend supplies of food, take-home computers, and other school supplies. Many of our children are being “parented by the state.”

Hillary Clinton famously stated, “It takes a village to raise a child.” President Biden noted that “all the kids are ours.” This undermines the importance of parents raising their own children.

As the traditional family dissolves, the government is undermining its past support system by making divorce as easy as checking out of a supermarket. It has become apparent that marriage, as we know it, is no longer just between a man and a woman. Parents are belittled in government schools. Instead of teacher-parent meetings where parents have a major say in their children’s education, government schools are relying on outside “experts.”

The protectors of students would be a hybrid of government agencies and politically powerful coalitions of education-degreed experts, including governmental health experts who want to legitimize fringe sexual groups. They have little to no intimate knowledge of the child’s behavior and inclinations.

A mother and father who biologically created the child and trained them to grow into a high-functioning youngster have no logical or moral legitimacy, according to the government. Instead, the national government representatives, particularly teachers who took elementary psychology courses during their BA or MA courses, seem to have more rights and should have more respect than the parents who raised the child.

This should not happen, and we believed it could not happen in the USA, but it is beginning to be proposed in the media and by the most powerful political elements of our society. Too many radical changes have happened in our society in a sudden and seemingly innocuous way. We were informed that children who want to be transformed into the opposite sex than they were born could start the process without their parents being notified or approving of their wishes. This was a direct shot across the bow of parental rights.

There was no strong negative reaction by citizens to this outrageous process of not notifying parents about the government education officials’ transitioning the child to the opposite sex. Our democratic socialist/communist government continues to push us toward communist policies in our nation that proudly called itself a republic. There has not been a strong reaction against these policies. These political heavy lugs have been dropped one after another with no negative recognition in the media. This is a viable method of desensitizing the population to communist policies, and it is working.

Are we approaching a tipping point where we are too far into communist practices to turn back to being free from governmental control over every aspect of our lives, including how to raise our children? Mao Tse Tung, a communist revolutionary in China, understood that once you gain the power to program young people, you have the power to train them into obedient communists. Our national government bureaucrats and top government leaders are using education indoctrination from elementary school through college to propagandize our children into diehard Marxists.

Stop ignoring all these assaults on our hard-fought freedoms. If we continue to ignore the removal of all of our freedoms and rights as free citizens, we will no longer be free. We need to stand together in masse to remove the progressive left-leaning socialists or outright communists from power, or we will wake up living in a communist nation.

If this happens, a free America will be history- never to be resurrected again.”

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