“Now, with 5G, I’ll go to finish on 5G. When I spoke in Totnes not too long ago, just before Christmas, somebody was disagreeing with me saying that we don’t have that and we don’t have that and no, we don’t, but it doesn’t say that we will not have it. There is a lot more to 5G than just putting up little boxes on lamp posts.

5G is the new generation. It is not a wave. It is a beam. It is going to be used by around 53 organizations in this country plus the secret services plus the military plus the American bases and their frequencies. There are quite a lot of frequencies that people don’t know about, that are going up when you have a 5G transmitter. And most of them are secrets. In fact, there are a lot. And 5G is going to merge. When I look at the frequencies, the spectrum across the whole range, 5G is going to merge basically with Wi-Fi six. And they are already producing 6G. 5G and Wi-Fi six are getting very, very close together. They are going to be used in unison.

For decision-makers: two of the world’s leading professors in this area wrote a letter to all of the Nordic prime ministers. It is a brilliant letter. I wish I had the skill to write this letter. I certainly don’t. It is a brilliant letter. But before the letter, I just want to read a legal opinion from an international attorney at law office regarding 5G. This is for decision-makers and it says:

‘It is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating a 5G network as it is currently described, would be in contravention of the current human and environmental laws, enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, EU regulations and the Byrne and Bond Conventions.”

And, going through documents, I have found and these mean absolutely nothing to me: the UN Convention 1989. ‘Each state,’ [and we come under the United Nations], ‘each state has a legal responsibility to protect children to ensure maximum developments’ (Articles 19 and 6). If you want to go to your school and quote the law, there you are.

The Children’s Act 1989, part three section 17: ‘ there is a legal obligation on local authorities to protect children against harm or the risk of. This stands apart as a likelihood or perceived risk, is all that is necessary. It does not need proof.’ I believe that this only applies and I’m not sure to children who are in care, children who are fostered or adopted, but every school has any one of those I would imagine.

You have the Nuremberg Code, UN 1950, article 7 which prohibits any experiment without consent. 5G is an experiment. In fact, all of them are an experiment. Tetra airwave is an experiment but under the Nuremberg code: ‘any experiments that affects you bodily or your health is illegal unless you give your consent’. There is only one exception and I’ve only known it to be done once. Any doctor can experiment on his or herself. That is the only exception. That is part five.

Under EU law, ‘a strategic environmental‘ – now whether we are agreed whilst we were under EU law I don’t know – ‘a strategic, environmental assessments should be carrie dout before 5G and if there is a problem and it wasn’t carried out, the polluter‘, [in other words, the decision-maker], ‘pays the principle or the costs for the cleanup. And that can be millions. A legitimate government must preserve the rights to life, liberty, health of all of its citizens’. That is the Treatise of civil government, second treatise, chapter 2.

And finally, the Health and Safety Acts 588 law in this country, 1st of July 2016: ‘Employers must protect those of higher susceptibility, monitor health for electromagnetic radiation, both thermal and not thermal. For example, auditory sensory disturbance, change in brain function.’

That is the law.

You can watch and listen to the lecture here.

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