“The letter from the two professors to Nordic populations, that it is a mistake to assume that the populations are experimental guinea pigs for and ever a largest-ever biologically experiments on humans. Such experiments are totally unlawful according to the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of Children’s Rights. According to the polluter that pays the principle, has to pay for all harm they have caused to humans.

Now an experiment was carried out on 5G in Russia and I’m going to speed up these last bits. In 1977, I have the paper, an experiment was carried out on animals and humans using 5G. I won’t go into the units but the radiation level, the unions, the humans and the animals were subjected to, was at a level of 62. They were subjected to a level of 62 for fifteen minutes a day for 60 days. In other words, 15 hours. That’s it. You can, legally, under the international commission and our government, under thermal regulations, you and all of the animals and all of the trees, if 62, and I’m going to list the illnesses caused from a level of 62, you can legally be given for 24 hours a day, non-stop, forever, a level of 140 – more than twice. The professors, listed damage to the skin, liver, heart, brain, adrenal glands, blood, the fetus, children, stem cells, human sperm, honeybee and that was just from one paper. Here’s the paper. It’s a top secret paper from Russia.

With 5G, as I hold it up to show you, on the right is a normal transmitter and on the left, as I show to you, you have the pulse of the 5G signal:

And you can, if you want, there’s an excellent article on 5G. This is from ES UK magazine, which you can download from the internet. This is really good because it goes into the frequencies and everything. If you want it, it is the ES UK magazine summer 2019, volume 17, number 2, and if you can’t remember that, give me a ring tomorrow, and I’ll have it by the phone and I’ll tell you and one last thing about 5G and this is isn’t known by most people, two things:

One is that there is a paper by the World Health Organization that’s one of the 5G frequencies is known to cause eye damage and skin cancer. That is published. And there is something which is being tried – I get lots from the universities – because believe it or not, the university people developing this are more scared about what they’re doing, whereas I am prepared to take the risk – there is the mathematicians and physicists will know this – it is called the Brew Lewin Precursor. It’s what is being tried out. It is a one-second pulse that will precede the laser beam, to say one second pulse that will precede the laser beam up to 10 gigabyte in strength and you really, really don’t want anything like that flushing across your eyes or your skin. Nothing does. that is being tried out as a burst of energy so that you can download a whole movie or whatever.

Now, just to finish off, there is no all gloom and doom. There is a very simple answer to this. To all of this, there is a solution. All you have to do is run cables. Many countries don’t have smart meters that use Wi-Fi. All of the smart meters run off cable. The all of the cables into the schools, all of the Wi-Fi in the schools. It is not wi-fi. It is cabled from source. There are no microwaves in the air. If we took the trouble to run cables just like telephone cables, everybody could have everything they wanted, even better, more secure and better and faster. But we have 500 companies that are immensely powerful. They are pushing the Wi-Fi because they’re getting as much money as they can, and this is how they are progressing.

But the easy answer is just to have cable. If we run a cable along a forest, the trees are happy, the animals are happy, everybody is happy, you can have them into the schools and if we turn down all of the transmitters, just turn them down, so that only the emergency services need them. If you’re in a car and you break down in the middle of Dartmoor, you can ring. If we just had that system, which is what it was originally designed for, there would be no problem. But the problem is, and was unforeseen in the 70s, this system has been hijacked by children and addicts and everybody else and the use was not thought up before they released this. And they are chemically and physically addictive and I have articles from scientific American Mind, that show that children will demonstrate severe aggression, where a child has threatened to murder her parents if they so much as touched her equipment and a child has punched the mother in the face for touching the equipment.

We’re getting into that stage but there is a solution. But the problem with the solution , and we go right back to the first document, you will lose profits and this really all comes down to money.”

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