In its article, Shift News reported that “Prime Minister Robert Abela has increased Film Commissioner Johann Grech’s annual financial package by €90,000 to €150,000, almost three times the salary of a cabinet minister.”

Grech, a former employee at a small Gozitan marketing company, was blessed and anointed by former prime minister Joseph Muscat so that he could be part of the wealthy nepotism clan, so that in 2015, he was appointed Film Commissioner despite his limited experience in the sector.

Thanks to Robert Abela, Grech has a four-year contract that details a package of more than €150,000 a year, which means an increase of €90,000 on his previous package of €60,000, as was shown in a parliamentary question in 2020.

Shift News adds that “his new contract shows that apart from a €115,000 basic salary, Grech receives a €11,500 ‘disturbance allowance’, a €10,000 expense allowance, a fully expensed car, and a mobile phone, amounting to an annual financial package of more than €12,500 a month.”

The Malta Independent remarked that Grech is also under the investigation of the Auditor General “after spending millions in public money,” which amounts to €137 million spent on foreign organisations; “on direct orders for unnecessarily extravagant events, some of which happened to benefit the Labour Party’s PR at critical times in electoral campaigns”; “€120,000 to hire British comedian David Williams to present a glitzy film awards ceremony in 2022;” “more than €600,000 on travel and estimated millions for the 2022 Malta Film Awards and the 2023 Mediterranean Film Festival, and an unprecedented  €47 million in tax refunds and incentives allocated to the producers of Gladiator.”

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo justified Grech’s spending sprees as an ‘investment’ in the Maltese economy. Firstly, why didn’t he invest in and promote the local, Maltese film industry? Economy? No, this is yet another lie because, according to a study that the labour government did not publish, for every €1 Grech spent, he brought in €3 in return. Lol. Do you realise how they always excuse their decisions by putting in-between the economy? Does Grech’s new financial package affect the economy, by any chance? Robert Abela kept on pumping money into yet another lackey of the Labour government.

And while the Labour government lackeys get promotions, and a huge rise in their salary, even if they do not have any necessary skills and qualifications, pensioners and families on minimum wages have to find ways and means of how to make the most of their earnings given the spiralling cost of living. The middle class has vanished and does not exist anymore.

And while Financial Minister Clyde Caruana expects us to pay our “fair” share of taxes, the Labour government lackeys get thousands of money.

And while the Labour government tells educators that their pay rise must be ‘sustainable,’ while educators after striking last December are still waiting for some sound from the empty vessels in authority that make the most sound, its lackeys get an unsustainable pay rise. Educators are being treated as scumbags, and the message is that they do not matter in the eyes of the government and the MUT.

And while you are struggling to make ends meet during this Great Economic Reset of inflation and greedflation, the Labour government has a lot of money to spare for its lackeys, because its lackeys are more important than yourselves, in yet another corrupt practice by the supposedly ‘socialist’ Labour government.

And while you keep on voting for the Labour government, you will remain poor.

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