Imperium Europa will see that individuals will find support again to express themselves in various visions and ideas so that European diversities and inclusion will be re-strengthened and unfolded. In this way, success will not only be that of the individual but also of the collective. Imperium Europa targets reviving Maltese communities, where a sense of belonging is nurtured.

Imperium Europa will establish its army with its own technology and methods for defence. Such an army will not be dependent on NATO.

Maternity leave will last for two years. Attractive schemes will be set up for each Maltese and European couple to raise the birth rate and be encouraged to have large families.

There will be the abolishment of income tax and overtime tax.

The continent’s energy will be generated from human sources such as hydrogen energy, lighting energy, and kinetic energy.

In every region and nation, the language of that nation and region should be dominant and pushed. In the case of Malta, Latin will be introduced, but this will not be learned as a deterrent for our language but so that some Maltese words and expressions are corrected and infiltrate the Maltese language. This is so that the language can be strengthened while a strong culture is created. creating a high culture. Every product and service in the EU must possess instructions written in every European language, including Maltese. Any product that does not contain instructions in Maltese will not be allowed to be imported.

All aspects of Malta’s soul must be implemented, and any influence from outside Europe won’t be allowed.

If elected, Imperium Europa is targeting the implementation of such policies over a period of twenty years. Until then, Imperium Europa would like to start a process of having as many books as possible translated into our language to help the Maltese people gain intellectual development.

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  1. Terrence

    With regards to Latin; Latin will also be introduced within the European Continent, as a root language to all other European languages and it will become the Europeans’ common tongue.

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