Victor Vella thinks that he is a good Samaritan. Through posts on his Facebook page, he is always trumpeting posts in favour of foreigners.

In a latest post, he shared with his followers “a thought that concerns the rhetoric against foreigners, and after this, a person took to social media to ask a racist question, asking where the Maltese are as she saw many foreigners at the carnival.”

“Vella said, ‘the rhetoric against foreigners continues….This time at the carnival. The question is asked about where the Maltese were because there were many foreigners. For this comment, a response will be written that will leave you speechless.’

The answer was, ‘were you looking for them at the carnival? I ask myself that question every day. I feel like a stranger in my own country. Of crying! How I wish I could stay in the UK What a difference of a country.’ Lol. As if the UK isn’t full of foreigners either!

Vella concluded by saying, ‘And while we continue to see such comments continuously, the stereotypes against foreigners continue at every level. Stereotypes that people get when they see them is that the foreigner is bad.’

Listen, Mr. Vella, in no way does this site acknowledge or accept racism. In no way does this site accept intolerance. As a Christian myself, I love all humanity. I am against evil agendas whose mission is part of a bigger evil agenda to which the world is being led to. What you all do is that you turn against your own Maltese brothers and sisters, who are, understandably, feeling the pressure of the Kalergi plan, whose main aim is to destroy a nation’s identity. We are talking here about the dangerous mix of people of different religious and cultural concepts mixing, and some cultures do not mix! We are not talking here about a controlled influx of chosen foreigners, like, for example, a company that hires a foreign intellectual via an online interview because the said company deems that s/he has what it takes. This can happen to a Maltese person who is hired abroad too. We are not talking here about a man who builds a long-distance relationship with a foreigner, who, by time, comes to live here and they get married. This can happen vice versa, too. These are all controlled cases, which do not happen in thousands either!

We are talking about the flooding of foreigners of every kind who are taking up all jobs in shops, hotels, restaurants, public transport, the y-plate industry, Bolt drivers, Wolt drivers, hospitals, and elderly homes, to mention a few! You have Maltese people facing daily issues because in their same group live a group of six Indians [for example] who keep the place dirty and who have filled their shaft with cockroaches! This is a first-hand information that I have from many trustworthy sources! Foreigners are either becoming richer in Malta because of the good opportunities offered to them or else they accept low salaries, which is not only not helping the Maltese people find a job, but this is not helping raise the salaries of the Maltese people! We are talking about the Maltese people feeling like strangers in their own homeland!

You have Maltese people who are struggling financially, and yet people like you, Mr. Vella, do not speak up for them! You have turned into an enemy of your own nation!

The word ‘racist’ has become so commonly put in your mouth, when it comes to calling the Maltese so, that it is utterly disgusting! And to add insult to injury, it is a word that you use in a pick-and-choose modus operandi for whoever you choose to! When a foreigner turns against a Maltese person, suddenly this foreigner is not a racist! Why do you all elevate foreigners and dumb the Maltese people down?

So, you know what? You can continue to call us racists because it is clear that we are speaking up and responding because we want to protect what our forefathers obtained with their blood. If we don’t do this, it will be a serious offence and an act of ingratitude towards our ancestors and our beloved island.

A true racist is one who does not speak up for his country. So, Mr. Vella, who is the racist now?

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