“This picture is from one of the comic books. Look at this. Pokemon, Psychic Surprise. Surprise, alright!

Look at this. This creature right here is called Haunter. And I have talked to three kids in three different cities who actually came up and told me that they were having bad dreams and that creature was in their dreams, called Haunter. That makes sense—haunt. Right up here is a creature that’s not quite so cute now. This over here is not quite so cute. Little Pikachu down here is crying his eyes out. He’s not cute, and even Ash doesn’t look cute anymore. Psychic surprise. And you know, going back to those energy balls, I believe that those energy balls represent that the Pokemon get their power by supernatural, occult ability. You saw the symbols. Remember, the material speaks for itself. They give themselves away. And what made that even more evident was two cards. One was called Abra and the other is called Kadabra. Abrakadabra, and that’s an actual phrase. It’s an actual name. Listen to this. Webster’s dictionary defines it as a word that is supposed to have magic powers and hence used in incantations on amulets, etc, a magic spell or formula.

And on the Abra card, it says, ‘using its ability to read minds, it will identify impending danger, and teleport the user to safety.’ The Kadabra character has a pentagram on his forehead and he has SSS across his chest, and it is the Satanic SSS. And in my particular sect of Satanism, we didn’t have it but I ran into other groups that did. They had tattoos on the inside of their wrists, over their breasts, or on the inside of their thighs, and it was that same SSS. Do you know what it stands for? Satan’s Solemn Servant. And also, the Kadabra character is always pictured on the card with his left hand giving the Satanic salute.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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