How do you know that you have been fooled by the propaganda of the media? This is when the media first pushes something on you as beneficial, only to retrieve that years later to tell you how that which is trumpeted as beneficial, is now harmful.

A case in point is the latest article by Lovin Malta, in which it cites a peer-reviewed study that found that “covid vaccines from companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca were linked to rare occurrences of heart, brain, and blood disorders.” To hide the gravity of the serious adverse effects that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing, Lovin Malta names its article “Everything has a potential risk.” From “safe and effective” to “take it so that we get back to normal,” it is now something that puts your health at risk. Would you do anything that puts your health at risk?

How do you know that this study was allowed publication? Because its findings show that such conditions are ‘rare’. How do you know that it is giving you a very tiny fraction of the truth, under a substratum of lies? Because such a peer-reviewed study was carried out by “researchers from the Global Vaccine Data Network,” which coincidentally happened to be “a research arm of the World Health Organization.” Because the science first tells you that you cannot challenge what it is saying today, only to later tell you that you cannot hold it accountable for what it said to you yesterday because the science has changed. But they still tell you to trust the science that they themselves make up.

Anything that is permitted for publication by the same media and the same WHO, which brainwashed you into believing that the COVID-19 vaccines were safe and effective, shows that this is yet another partial truth that the same media and the same WHO want you to believe. This is the way they throw the stone and hide their hand, while they indirectly tell you that they did not know.

Dear readers, ask yourselves these questions: Does this WHO report address the increase in excess mortality that has been seen, and is still being seen, and will continue to be seen, particularly in the aftermath of vaccine mandates that have affected more countries with high vaccination rates? Does it take into account the fact that autopsies did not investigate the reason behind the rise in heart attacks among younger individuals? Doesn’t the report normalize the atrocity committed by dehumanizingly downplaying everything mentioned?

And yet, many have warned people not to take the COVID-19 vaccines because they could sniff the deceit. And they were silenced, ‘fact checked’ and called ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘anti-vaxxers.’ Questioning and doubting the most historically corrupt and fraudulent companies and entities in the world did not make those who refused the vaccine, an ‘anti’ anything. Nor did it make them a ‘conspiracy theorist.’ Actually, questioning is, and should be, the place of reason. The fact that questioning became such a taboo for the media and the authorities, should, in fact, send a chill up everyone’s spine.

And so that they cover up their arse, “researchers stressed the association between the vaccines and adverse side effects does not prove the vaccine was the root cause of the illness.” Didn’t they find that there was a link?

And so that they cover up their arse, the researchers blame COVID-19 infection for neurological events so that they keep on telling you the lie that “the benefits of vaccination substantially outweigh the risks.” The elephant in the room will never be seen, let alone blamed.

They leave you in confusion on purpose, so that you cannot reach the truth. When peer-reviewed studies and the media that cite them control the information you see, they control what you believe. When they control what you believe, they also control your mind. When they control your mind, they also control your emotions. When they control your emotions, they also control your actions. When they control your actions, you are no longer in control. When you are not in control, you are not yourself. When you are not yourself, they have won.

And yet, you can look at the excess deaths, which are the current plague worldwide.

You can research the criminal history that pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have. This was tackled in a series at the start of this journey of mine.

And when it comes to the mainstream media and the WHO, dear readers, always remember that “a liar will twist the truth to the point of spitting out venomous lies to defend itself like a cobra” [Joe Cervontes].

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