The great majority of the hazardous waste product disposal that the CDC and other Washington DC liars have attempted to accomplish has only been successful in English-speaking nations. This indicates that the majority of hydrofluosalicic acid consumers are Americans. What is this? ‘Hydro’ denotes “water,” ‘fluo’ denotes “fluoride,” and ‘silicic’ denotes “sand,” with an acidic missing electron! You get killed by it. You will perish even if you dip your hand in it.

Hydrofluoric acid is a synthetic molecule found nowhere in nature. It consumes plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete, and glass. Hydrofluoric acid eats anything you can think of. So why are some countries adding this to their drinking water?

It was on 24th March 2011 when Hazmat Crews responded to a chemical leak which came from at Rock Island Water Treatment Plan. The spill came from a tanker truck. The chemical was so strong that it was burning through the concrete but guess? What was this chemical? It was the same hydrofluosalicic acid which happened to be not only a corrosive agent that the water treatment plant uses, but it is also used for the plant to add fluoride to the plant’s water! It took several hours for crews to contain the leak.

The fluoride that is sold as fluoride is not the same as fluoride that occurs naturally in the earth. It is actually a mixture of several different chemicals, such as heavy metals, chemicals that cause cancer, some radioactive substances, and fluoride, an element that damages the nervous system. Doctors and dentists are then persuaded that this is beneficial for your teeth and it is poured into the water supply.

Fluoride is a clever way for industries like aluminum, smelting and processing, mining, and chemical processing to get rid of their toxic industrial waste without having to pay to have it handled as waste. They simply slap “fluoride” as a new label on it. It’s a byproduct of mining, wherein unsuitable rocks are removed and combined with sulfuric acid to create soluble phosphate. This is what fertilizer is made of.

They sell the by-product and turn it into fluoride because it is poisonous and of no use to them. It’s a sham. It is a fraud right from the start. It is an approach to remove fluoride. Therefore, some governments are permitting the industries to dispose of their hazardous waste by using the country’s water supply. It serves as a means of disposal. It is a significant pollutant of industrial waste. They attempted to dispose of it in Florida’s rivers that flowed into the ocean. They were informed that they were killing fish and polluting the ocean, so this was stopped. They destroyed the Florida citrus groves, crippled the cattle, and devastated the native vegetation for a century, which was expensive for them to handle.

Subsequently, they began assisting Cargill in resolving their hazardous waste issues. In addition to being the biggest manufacturer of hydrofluosalicic acid, Cargill is the biggest privately held company in the world. Approximately 90% of the market was formerly held by Cargill. There wasn’t enough of this acid because the hurricanes that hit Florida destroyed the holy ponds. They then extended their reach to the rest of the world, and as a result, Mexico, Japan, and China are now the countries that supply fluoride to America through their water supplies. It is therefore piling up in these countries.

In other words, America is assisting other nations in getting rid of their hydrofluosalicic acid.

The world’s worst recycling technique is flouridation. It is utterly absurd and insane to take the hazardous waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry—which is prohibited from being disposed of in the ocean by international law—as a product and dump it—more than 250,000 tons—into the public drinking water.

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