In lieu of the fact that the British government is planning to poison more Britons with fluoridated water, and in lieu of the fact that studies have shown that fluoride is very harmful to humans, one might wonder how do they manage to make people accepting of anything they offer. The answer is easy. They hire good manipulators and through propaganda, they sell you their filth which is always framed as something ‘helpful’ or ‘safe and effective’ or ‘beneficial’. And then, through the propaganda and through its excellent mouthpieces, they shift the people’s thoughts.

When the masses were being manipulated to accept fluoridated water, the authorities didn’t just walk out and say fluoridating the water is good for you when they were selling it. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, was actually employed by them to convince Americans of the benefits of silicon fluoride in their water:

The idea of using advertising and the media to manipulate the populace was developed by Edward Bernays. The “Father of Spin,” Edward Bernays, is credited with developing the concept of “Crowd Psychology.” “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing?” he wrote in a 1928 book titled “Propaganda.” “The engineering of consent” is what he named it.

Bernays taught the big business conglomerates how to manipulate society through refined techniques and crowd psychology methods. He persuaded people to make impulsive purchases of unnecessary items. He came to the conclusion in his writings that there are four fundamental human motivations that govern behaviour: sex, aggression, security, and self-preservation. Bernays believed that one could manipulate the majority of people into doing almost anything by appealing to any one of these four motives. You could use brainwashing to get them to vote for politicians, start wars, smoke cigarettes, and do anything else. It was also no accident that the American Aluminum Company asked Bernays to lead the campaign to fluoridate the country’s water supply, considering the techniques’ demonstrated efficacy. Social engineering was mastered by individuals such as Bernays. His whole argument is that you should appeal to people’s emotions and allude to their fears rather than speak to them in a logical, scientific manner. He played a significant role in encouraging women to take up smoking by framing cigarettes as sexy, individualistic, and powerful, which served as a justification for women to start smoking.

This gave birth to a consumerist culture that drew the attention of the American government.

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