“We had one – I was involved in, eleven children under eleven with leukemia after a transmitter went up. They all died. It was taken to Parliament. The MP put forward a very, very good case. It took eighteen months to get to Parliament. And the minister stood up and said we are within international guidelines and sat down. And that was it. In fact, the minister lied. We’re not within international guidelines. There are and I’m not going to dwell on these but I just for the decision-makers, I will just run through a couple of these.

There are already deaths from Wi-Fi in class from here to New Zealand. There are a hundred and thirty-six studies of harm in schools, proper studies from Wi-Fi and transmitters in schools. There are 48 studies on child suicide. It’s going up around four percent every year and I’ll just stop there for a second. It is the pulses or modulations from the frequencies. A professor Mio, of King Saud University, has shown especially in a child’s brain, where the tissue is particularly soft – he has shown that the microwaves penetrate deep into all areas of a child’s brain and a scientist named Penifael in 97 listed a list of one to six hundred pulse fragrances that could cause neurological and physiological damage in the body.

In the paper I had there from the military, they list all of the symptoms that you can be warned about if you are taken to court and the last one is severe neurological damage, including death. So suicide is one of the common, the five most commonest from microwaves going into the brain and I’m not a neurosurgeon. I just know from experience. The five most commonest in order, are the same symptoms, the same symptoms that you would receive from morphine or marijuana, hunger, excessive hunger, aggression, and if the pulse frequency is a certain frequency which I won’t say on camera, the aggression manifests itself as aggressive suicidal tender – so sexual aggression. So, you can get aggressive from the microwaves and the particular port frequency will manifest itself as sexual aggression, particularly from men. And the last one is – I’m not a medical doctor – I describe it as the same symptoms as lead arsenide poisoning where you just want to go to bed and die and if somebody came in with a bag and said, there’s a million-pound, go and spend it, you wouldn’t be bothered. Those are the most commonest symptoms that you get from microwaves in the brain, at varying degrees. And any neurologists here, I kind of run through the processes if you wish.”

The lecture can be watched and listened to here.

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