Homeland Security: This is a very vast branch that focuses on protecting the nation and its people from threats while ensuring public safety.

Financial and Banking Security: This branch should protect against threats to the financial system, including financial terrorism, fraud, and economic espionage. (This will be the main realm that this paper will focus on.).

 Academic and Educational Security: This realm is crucial as it breeds the future of the nation and its civilization. It should protect academic institutions and research from espionage and interference and contribute to the advancement of knowledge as well as national security.

Space Security: This branch is crucial to addressing any threat related to space. This includes the protection of satellites, communication systems vital for national security. While a fresh approach is given to this field, the protection of space mineral mining sites.

Cultural and Social Security: This realm is vital, and if tilted too much, the higher the possibility of a brutal civil war. It is crucial to preserve the cultural heritage, national identity, and worldview and ensure social resilience to its true values against disinformation and the inclusion of non-compatible cultural and identity identities as the natural outcome, prior to a civil war, of the radicalization of all actors involved.

Technological and Innovation Security: This branch should ensure and protect technological advancement and the security of emerging technologies critical to national defence, economic independence, & competitiveness.

Industrial and Manufacturing Security: This branch should ensure the protection of critical manufacturing sectors and industrial bases essential for defence, economic, and social stability. It should also ensure that, in the case of conflict, the nation is able to produce from raw to finished good military equipment crucial for defence. 

Now that the reader has a general idea of what the different branches of national security are, this paper will focus on the threat posed by international financial institutions and why it is important from a national security perspective for Europe to re-nationalise its economy in relation to all of the above branches.

The reader is now aware of one of mankind’s most important events, which lays the foundations for understanding other events, such as the 1860’s communist takeover of classical liberalism, academia, and other sectors. The idea created in the 1890’s, the great depression, World War 1 and 2, the financial crushes, 9/11, and more. Now, the people know who enslaved them and how they were controlled and transformed into modern slaves.

Economics is a low-level political factor that MUST remain the by-product of the worldview of society. If it does not want to collapse, of course.”

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