What policies is Imperium Europa proposing? (1)

Since freedom goes both ways, this site has decided to publish the policies that Imperium Europa is proposing. The general public must be informed, and then it is up to it to analyze and think. I think that by now, the public understands that communism is on the lookout for any moves by Imperium Europa because it knows that this party might be a new surprise in this year’s MEP elections. So, what are the policies of Imperium Europa?

Imperium Europa promises that it will revise all contracts that have been signed and that all those contracts that go against the long-term interest and security of the continent, nation states, and the European people won’t get away with it.

Secondly, it promises the abolishment of censorship. Let those who are trying to promote and impose some form of idea, policy, law, etc. that is malicious to our interests be arrested. The complete liberation of freedom of speech, of thought, and of expression. A new constitution will be implemented where it will protect the continent, the nations, and the European societies, and no form of government can touch it.

The third is a change in the economic model, from a dependable Europe to a completely independent continent. There will be policies that will protect industries and European innovations. However, inside Europe, free markets will still exist, except for geo-strategic infrastructural assets, which can be privatized. However, 51% of the shares must be in the hands of the government of the nation, whereas 49% can be privatized from local people only. The national economy will change, with the focus being on national businesses. The government will be bound by duty and responsibility towards its people and their land. Governments not only must work so that the country’s debts are completely cut off but they cannot incur debts that they will not be able to repay in the long run, with absolute control over the ability of credit expansion.

The fourth, each nation and region will be encouraged so that the people create a currency for themselves with a complete gold backing, sponsored by the local people.

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