The mask mandate has returned to LA County health care facilities

There isn’t a mask which is big enough to protect us from everything going on in the world today. But then we have the communist mask-wearing which allegedly will protect you from all viruses. People were promised that the vaccine will protect them and that thus mask mandates will be removed. But now we have the return of the mask in another county.

Mask mandates have been reimplemented in LA Country for Health Care Facilities. Malta must be truly proud of itself because it kept the mask mandate obligatory in public health care centers and elderly homes. I am not aware if it is still obligatory in Mater Dei. Dr Fearne, the local health authorities and the government made the Maltese masses believe absurdities, who in turn allowed them to continue to commit the atrocity of the mask-wearing in certain places.

According to the Los Angeles County Health Officer Order posted on December 27, 2023, since the COVID-19 hospital admission level in LA County meets or exceeds the CDC’s Medium Level of 10 to 19.9 new hospital admissions, all healthcare personnel, regardless of COVID-19 and influenza vaccination status, are required to mask while in contact with patients or working in patient-care areas. The mandate also extends to all persons visiting the licensed health care facility that provides inpatient care. This follows the public health statement that there have been notable increases in COVID-19 reported cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Weren’t the masses told that they will not get Covid, if they get vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine? Weren’t the masses told that life will get back to normal post-vaccine roll-out if they submit themselves to the injection? So, why do we have the return of Covid-19 deaths and the mask? Are hospitals taking note of the vaccination status of those hospitalizations and deaths? And why has the influenza vaccine been included in the bag?

This is when you know that lies are nice to listen to, because you know the truth.

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