“These are two symbols here. The first one at the top is for ‘Blood Ritual’, which means of the sacrifice, blood sacrifice, and down here is ‘Satanic Justice’. Whenever a Satanist defects and they have a contract out on them, because I’m going to tell you something. When you defect from the Satanic church, you’re not playing around with a group of any people. They put a contract out. I had a contract out on my life. Once a gentleman asked me and said, ‘Weren’t you ever afraid when you got out?’ I was scared to death until the Lord gave me a vision. And that was Him walking into these gates, taking the parchment paper out of Satan’s hand that I had actually signed my name and blood on, pulling it out of his hand, taking a key from him, and saying he’s mine now, and I’ve never worried about it since. But this is the symbol for ‘Satanic Justice’.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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