The media and its news is trauma based control. You’re not being informed. You’re being manipulated. The human brain is a very sophisticated organ. It works day and night from the moment you are born, until you read the media articles.

One of those is that of Newsbook. In a latest article, titled “Maltese research sheds light on link between Covid and autoimmune disease,” Newsbook cites a Maltese study conducted by Joseph Saliba, Clarissa Fenech, and Adrian Pace, and published in the Malta Medical Journal, which allegedly ‘sheds light on the potential neurological complications associated with Covid infection.’ Is it possible to have a study on the potential neurological complications which the vaccinated with the Covid-19 bioweapon injection have developed?

What’s worse, is that this study involves only one person, and here’s another lie: the person, a 70-year-old woman, is claimed to have developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome following a mild Covid infection. Excuse me? From research, it is the vaccinated who are developing Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Did the researchers ask this woman if she got the Covid-19 vaccine, because most probably, she forms part of the high percentage which obeyed the government blindly and lined up to be injected with the venom.

Dear readers, there is a difference between corporate science and actual science. All of our institutions have been bought off and paid for by the corporations. Do you think the study cited above is part of corporate science or actual science?

Other symptoms that this study mentions, which the patient had, are “back pain, progressive lower limb weakness, paraesthesia, dysphagia, constipation, and difficulty completing full sentences.” But Covid is to be blame. What utter lies and utter bullshit when many foreign doctors who are being ignored and no media gives them coverage, are confirming that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing these symptoms, and more.

What a shame that we did not have one local Maltese doctor who challenged the local health authorities and who warned that the vaccines are not to be taken by anyone! Instead we have big Pharma ass lickers who either did not speak up or else, the two who did, said that the vaccines are good for certain cohorts! What a sleepy nation on a bed of apathy!

To all the medical professionals who know exactly what is going on, you all took an oath to uphold the Constitution, well-being and safety of this country and its citizens. ‘I was just following orders’ or ‘I was afraid of losing my job’ are not going to cut it when you take the stand for crimes against humanity. You must speak up while you still have a chance.

To Newsbook, I say that sooner or later, there is going to come a point when denial is just no longer a possible option and people will acknowledge that the hen house is bloody infested with carnivorous foxes.

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